Tick Tock

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Day 5 Of My 20 Carbs For 30 Days Challange

So I told you I would keep you in the loop :).. I know lucky you huh... I'm on Day five of my 20 carbs for 30 days, I am doing video updates.. Why you ask? Well you only live once so why not? (: http://youtu.be/7ieFGuo6KU0 ...more

My Thirty Day Challenge It's Habit Forming

I will be turning thirty-two shortly, This made me take a long look at myself, Realizing I had a long list of habits I wish to change, One step at a time is all I can take so, I looked at myself and noticed, I was a little thicker around the middle then I was in my twenties, As a young person I was taught that it takes 30 days to break a habit, And 30 days to make one so yesterday I started a low carb diet, My goal is 20 carbs a day for thirty days, To get myself in the habit of a healthier me, I'm excited to be on this journey :) and I have decided to take you with me. ...more

Rejection Reflection

You can't always be perfect, Everything won't go as expected, There are times in this life we will not be accepted. All of us have our times of rejection. It's important to note, Inspite of the chatter, You are are important, And you'll always matter. ...more
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Sometimes Life Can Be A Long Jump :-)

Part of the fun of setting a goal, Is figuring out ways to achieve it, For example: I'm going to be 31 on Saturday, So my goal is to hit 31,000 views, On my blog by my birthday! I thought it was fitting :-) Don't ever be afraid of failure, Don't be afraid to set the bar too high, Just make sure your ready to jump over it, If you get in over your head. ...more

Just Saying

I don't have all the answers, But I am unafraid to share my opinions. There are a lot of things to fear in this world, Conversation and the sharing of thoughts, Should not be on that list! I believe that it shows strength in your character, To state opinion and stick to your convictions, But also be open minded enough to understand another's. I'm not saying we have to agree with everyone, Just keep it respectful. :-) ...more
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Wakey Wakey Rise And Shine :-)

Ever wake up more tired then when you went to bed. Unable to shut off your thoughts,  Thinking about all you have to do the next day. By the time you relax yourself, You have about five hours of sleep. So when the alarm goes off, The last thing you wanna do is wake up! ...more
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Against The Grain!

Sometimes in order to get where you wish to be in life, You have to go against the grain instead of going with the flow. This may not always be any easy choice to make, Because it isn't always comfortable to stand out, Or stand up for the unpopular things in life. Some people are more comfortable to go with the flow, As not to rock the boat or make waves. In my opinion there are times, You must rock the boat, Make the waves, And go against the grain to make change happen. If we as people are not changing, We are not growing. If there is no growth, There's no life, ...more
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Not A Clue!

Never ceases to amaze me how so many people don't even know what they are eating! I am allergic to soy..which I swear is in seemingly everything , But if I go to a restraunt and ask " Is there soy in this"? Often the reply Is "I have no clue". I then say "Can you check the packaging it came in", Of course the reply is "Ma'am I'm sorry but that's been thrown out". And on the miricale that I find a food on the menu that may be soy free, Of course the restraunt uses soybean oil.. Think I'm joking about soy beng in everything? Next time you go to the store read your labels, Your favo...more

Stuck in a rut!

Sometimes life can get pretty repetitive with all of our routines and schedules, And if we don't try something new every now and then we can become burned out, Which can adversely effect the way we interact with those around us. It's very important to keep adding a new elements to our routines, To avoid bordem and keep burn out at bay. Mix it up completely every so often, So you never find yourself stuck in a rut!...more
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