If You Teach Your Kids Anything This Veterans Day, PLEASE Teach them this.....

All we really need to remember is that the freedoms we so greatly value have kept for us by ...more

Happy Fall Y'all ~ 2013 Edition


Super Cute & Super Simple Hairstyle Idea!


Why I'm Ditching Dryer Sheets

Woolzie Dryer Ball Review & Giveaway As you know, I have been sharing some Baby Steps to Healthy and Frugal Living that we have been having sweet success with lately.  By taking these small steps to a road of healthier living we won't get overwhelmed and STOP trying, right?! ...more

How to Curl Hair ~ Video Tutorial


How will THEY know???


Sneak Peek into Home School Life ~Intro


How to Live Forever....


How to Get rid of Frizz & Tangles

It was recently brought to my attention that a dear friend of mine had sat in my stylist's chair for many years and I had neglected to tell her of a certain hair product that would change her life! Are you laughing? It's ok if you are--I know it sounds crazy. Let me see if this describes you or your daughters: ...more