Act of Kindness

Surprise! The "Mayan Apocalypse" failed to happen.I thought it was funny how people were getting all freaked out about it.I'm not gonna lie, all the hype with 12-21-12 sometimes had ME second guessing myself...just bein' honest!We all know that only HE knows when the REAL "apocalypse" will happen. ...more

Marine turned Stay At Home Mom

I've been dreaming about being a stay at home mom for YEARS now.I can still remember the day I dropped off my SIX week old at daycare.I remember bawling my eyes out all the way to work, and bawling my eyes out some more AT work in front of all my coworkers.It doesn't help when all your coworkers are macho Marines, and you're the only female Marine amongst them. Eve...more

Election Day 2012

People who know me know who I've voted for already. I've made it a point to keep my political views off of Facebook. I've learned over the years that Facebook people are very unforgiving when it comes to differing political views, and no matter what I post in my newsfeed about who or what I support, it will not change anyone's mind to agree with my point of view. I think I posted one word and a hash tag once, and I got some serious hate mail. I have friends that are both Republicans and Democrats, and I hate how immature and hateful they can be towards eachother during an election season. ...more

Not As Strong as I Thought

 It was after church, and we hadn't said a single word to each other all morning.We sat awkwardly next to each other at church, while I tried my hardest to look happy.When we got home, we both sat on the hardwood floors of our kitchen, backs against the cabinets, tears rolling down my face, and mascara everywhere.D was off in the distance picking out a movie for daddy to put on her tv in her bedroom as happy as a lark....more