The Long Goodbye to a Father I Never Really Knew

My father was dying. Again. He’d pulled this dying stunt a year or two previously, and had us all rush out to the States to be with him in his hour of need. He didn’t die then. In some ways it was a wasted journey, and in others, the start of the journey that would be my adult life. ...more

Are We Raising a Generation of Entitled Children?

Over the dinner table my 17-year-old was telling us how he is the only kid in his class who does his own laundry. Let me point out that he does it of his own volition, and not because I make him do it. But it does make my life easier. He did say that there is one kid in his class who actually has to fold his own laundry once it’s done, and put it away. But he keeps it all in a laundry basket and just fishes out what he needs when he needs it. The rest of the kids have everything done for them. What kind of children are we raising? ...more
One of the "gifts" of being a single mom - and there are not many! - is that out of necessity, ...more

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My teenage son looks in the mirror and says “yep, still awesome”. He smiles at himself, combs his hair just so, and moves on with his day.NOTE TO SELF: Harness some of that self-confidence and belief for yourself....more

To My Son on His 18th Birthday!

Dear Aryeh,Today you officially become a man in the eyes of the law. Eighteen. Responsible. Able to vote.Today I become the parent of an adult. Seems like just yesterday I held you in my arms for the first time.When your father and I married, all I wanted was to start a family right away. I wanted nothing more than to be a mother, than to have someone be the center of my world, someone I could dote on and fuss over and love to distraction....more

Unconditional Love

As a mother I am very aware of the effect of my words and parenting skills, most of the time, but like any other stressed parent trying to do her best, I don’t manage perfection. When I started out on my mothering journey perfection was my ultimate goal. Now, my goal is to get through the day knowing that I did the best I could, that I showed the children the love I have for them is rock solid, and that even if I lose my temper on finding dirty socks stuffed down the recliner cushion, it doesn’t diminish my love for them, not one iota. ...more

Lessons of the Fathers

Fathers across North America today are celebrating Father’s Day, a day on which fathers are celebrated for the impact they make on their children’s life. I never celebrated one Father’s Day with my dad. Heck, we never really celebrated much of anything during his short life. He has been gone 20 years, and it’s on days like today that I get to wondering what it would have been like to really experience what having a father was all about....more

The Miracle of a Little Life that Almost Wasn't

This is the story of how my youngest child almost didn’t exist. He wouldn’t be here today if I had followed my doctor’s advice. She admitted she was wrong. I wonder how many other times she and her colleagues have made such a grievous error....more
Thnk u for ur testimony my faith is increased n i declare my pregnancy healthy! In JESUS name!more

Letting Them Fly The Nest

Three months isn’t a long time in the whole scheme of things. A quarter of a year. A blink, a sigh.But these next three months are huge over here in the HSM household. Within the next three months our oldest will turn 18 and then make Aliyah (move permanently to Israel). He is moving ahead with his life, leaving home to make a place for himself in the world. He’s planning his life in Israel, and is counting down until he’s there....more

For Some, Divorce Is About Revenge

When my ex and I were going through the divorce process, we were both focused on making it as “easy” as possible on the children. Neither one of us was out to get the other, to ruin the former spouse’s life. We weren’t continuing our marriage, but wanted to shelter the boys from as much anxiety and stress as possible....more
I am glad you and your ex are working out your divorce without the added stresses on the ...more

The Time My Son Taught Other Kids About Female Anatomy

I guess at a certain age it occurred to the boys that Ima was built differently from them. Now, I have always been modest in front of the boys. They have no need to see me prancing around naked or in underwear; I always cover up. Maybe not as much as I would in front of non-related people, but enough so that we are all comfortable. I also firmly believe in answering the children’s questions at their level, and not offering extra information that they were not asking for. One day -- a few years ago -- one of them said to me: "Ima, I am so sad for you."...more
I don't understand why it's so hard to talk about vaginas and penises.  We don't hesitate to ...more