Girlfriend Getaway's

Who’s looking for a summer getaway, a “girls” getaway?  We both love to travel, and we love to travel with each other.  We’re always talking about our next adventure and what it will be (just yesterday in fact).  Here are just a few of the things we’d love to do some day and we thought we share them with all of you if you’re looking for ideas.  And the best part, these tours are all geared to women. (In no particular order)#1 – Wayfarers Walking Vacations ...more

Let's Tie One On!

Okay, so I’m not talking drinks here, I’m talking scarves!  I love vintage scarves.  I had to “put a lid” on my collection because I have over 100 scarves and I finally had to ask myself, “Really?  Do I really need yet another scarf to go into a bin?”  Sure, I have used them as headbands, tied them on purses, used them as belts and even framed some of them.  But for the most part they just sit there.  I’m not willing to part with them so I do pull the bin out every once in a while to take a peek and get my happy on....more

Why We Need Girlfriends

Ladies, it’s time for a wee bit of men bashing.  We all love our husbands or significant others and can’t live without them, but we also can’t live without our girlfriends.  This isn’t so much a post to be down on the guys, but more of a validation of “Why We Need Girlfriends”.   ...more

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of our first post and the start of our blog, Huckleberry Friends....more

The Great Gatsby

I attended a gala over the weekend where the theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’.  While it was so much fun finding the perfect 1920′s style dress and accessories, we were there for a more important reason.  That reason was to celebrate life and bring awareness to a disease that has affected so many, Huntington’s Disease (HD).  HD is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline.  Currently there is no cure for HD.  My friend’s mother was diagnosed with Huntington’s in 2012....more

Sister Act

How many of you have sisters?  Although sisters are family, they are also our friends.  Sisters know us on a whole other level, because they’ve been there since the beginning.  If you’re the oldest, you welcomed your baby sister with open arms.  You held her like she was your own personal doll.  If you’re the youngest, you looked up to your older sister for advice and wanted to be like her.  And if you’re a middle child, well, you had the best of both worlds.  Of course there’s the flip side, we fought and argued while growing up and said things like...more

Lessons From My Brother

Today would have been my brother Mark’s 41st  birthday.  His life was taken from him last year just before his 40th birthday.  While we all miss him greatly, I want to take this day to honor Mark and his life.  Here are just some of the lessons he taught me… ...more

Baby It's Cold Outside

 Are you like us wondering how long this dreadful winter might last?  And how is it that a mere 10 degrees with a little sun and no wind feels balmy?  Well, after Jimmy the Groundhog predicted at least 6 more weeks of winter, we might all need an attitude adjustment.  Even though we’re sick of winter, it doesn’t mean we can’t get outside and enjoy the elements.  Why not call a friend and go ice skating? For more on this post, please visit our website

Rock it in Red

It's February, the month of love.  Some of us may be gearing up for Valentines Day and sending sweet nothings to the person we love, but we want to focus on YOUR HEART and loving IT!  That’s why we’reGOING RED!  I know it seems like we hear it all the time, but it bears reminding again – heart disease is the number one killer of women.  It kills more women than all cancers combined.  That’s pretty serious business, so no more denying it, Ladies – we need to take ownership of our hearts.  I think we all know the important things to do to keep our he...more

Have A Conversation

Valentine’s Day is two days away.  We all know Valentine’s Day is a ‘romantic’ holiday or a holiday for kids to share their Valentine’s at school, but we can still celebrate this holiday with our forever friends.  Buy a box of conversation hearts and pick out ones to give each other.  There’s “You Rock” – for all the good times we’ve had.   “Don’t Tell” – this is for all the secrets only besties know.  And of course there’s the heart that has BFF on it!To view the whole post, visit our website at:...more