I went to a party and a conference broke out: My Blogher09 recap

(Note: I apologize for the weird line breaks in this post. I can't seem to fix them!) I've needed a week to digest my first Blogher experience. Bottom line: Blogher09 was a mixed bag for me. ...more

Lynn @ human, being


After spending 2 hours today ...more

She ran, and I found her

When I was born, my mother named me Heather. She loved the beautiful resiliency of those purpley-pink, stalky flowers. Somehow she knew I would need this flower’s characteristic ability: to withstand shock, to adjust easily to misfortune. ...more

Top 10 Things I'm Psyched For @Blogher09

In two days, I’ll be heading to Chicago to my very first blogging conference. When I started this blog seven months ago, I had no idea that there were so many bloggers out there. And now, I get to meet about 1,400 of them. Or at least 5. Including my roommies, (Rachel and Julia) who graciously are letting me crash in their room. ...more

Hi, I'm Lynn @ human, being

OMG I'm going to Blogher 09. Yessiree bob. I will be among those 1500 people vying for all the good swag and the karaoke microphone. And maybe a free drink. Even though I have a wedding dress to fit into in 74 days. Here are a few things about me: ...more

Welcome to BlogHer :) I'm a newbie too! Can't wait to meet everyone!more

I don't want to be fat on my wedding day and other Random Tuesday Thoughts

One. I don’t want to be fat on my wedding day. I’ve not stuck with my no-sugar, no-gluten diet and daily workout for the past several days. After losing almost 3 pounds in the first two weeks of eating very clean, I slipped up when I had to travel for work last week. I avoided all the pastries set out as snacks in our meeting room. I didn’t have a single coffee, even though I was two hours ahead of my normal body clock. But on Thursday night, I had three ...more

I broke her heart

When you’re 8, you shouldn’t have suffered any bigger loss than perhaps losing a favorite toy or having a friend move away. You deserve to live your first decade (at least) with your heart intact. Tonight, I broke Lauren’s heart when I told her about Sunny’s death. I had to do it. Her dad was going to leave it up to my mom to explain where Sunny is next Wednesday when Lauren goes for a three-day visit. He was too chickenshit to take this on. He didn’t want to be the one to cause her heart to crack. But I thought that was wrong, and not my mom’s responsibility. ...more

But so strong.

You did the brave and right thing, helping her to hear the news and talk ...more

Goodbye, sweet puppy

This morning, I walked into an email from my mother letting me know that they had to put my golden retriever, Sunny, to sleep last night. He was 12. He was a pretty, dark copper boy with lovely blond feathering, a ready smile and a love of getting the squeakers out of squeaky toys. ...more

What a beautiful tribute you have written to Sunny, and what a wonderful life you gave ...more

The first 10 pounds

I bought my wedding dress last summer. Since then, I’ve put on about 7 pounds and while the dress fits, it’s uncomfortable. Ultimately, I’d like to shed the 20 pounds I’ve put on in the past 2 years (thanks to the Fucking Mirena), but given my past history with difficulties dropping weight easily, I will be happy to lose 10 so I can comfortably wear my beautiful gown. ...more

Apparently, I'm not allowed

Today Judi, my therapist, and I began working on my core beliefs around money. We’re using a process called PSYCH-K, which uses a variety of energy points, body postures, movements, affirmations and muscle testing to identify and reformat misaligned subconscious beliefs. Yes, yes, a little “out there,” but then a lot of the stuff that seems to work for me tends to be unconventional. The conventional stuff helps a bit, but it seems to get more at the symptoms than the root cause of issues (see every blog since April re: Wellbutrin). ...more

Spa Bliss for my 40th Birthday

I am not 40. No, really. My driver’s license may proclaim today to be my 40th birthday, but my skin and toes say otherwise. Because today, Laurel and I celebrated the beginning of the second half of our lives at Copperfalls Aveda Spa in Castle Rock. And not only am I big bowl of mush, I am absolutely glowing. ...more