Twittering, blogging and I playing with fire.

My "Little" White T-shirt company is just that, "Little" It is a me, myself and I company, thank god I have a few personalities which assist one another in the running. So me, myself and I have very little by way of a marketing budget, infact I think this months budget was around $0.24 AUD cents. I have a good product though, and have managed to sell many a T'shirt to family a friends, plus customers who come into my hubby's office when I am there also become hijacked and walk out with new T'shirts. A few months ago I found Twitter world....more

And the Award for best wifey goes to.......ME

I Stand up and take a bow........I have just been awarded the "Best Wifey Medal"   Why, well it's simple. I booked another holiday, back to Hawaii. 2 weeks, no kids. Sun, Cocktails, and PRO BOWL TICKETS!!! Dear Hubby is over the moon. You see, we are Australian, we live in Perth. A place on the planet where very little happens and we holiday twice a year to remain sane. In 2006 we holidayed in "Hawaii" and the love affair began....more

Why do I do this...

Mid last year, I had a dream. A real life while you are deep in slumber dream, which actually woke me. I had "The Little White T-Shirt Company" running around in my brain. hmmm, where did that come from I wonder. Earlier in the week of this dream, I had finished reading "The Secret" and been brainstorming ideas of what I could do to satisfy my needs in Business. So when the idea came I ran with it....more

Hmmm, to do or not to do.....Grow old gracefully

I have never been a swan.I was always the ugly duckling and things didn't get much better the older I have become......until that is I decided some 7 years ago to see a plastic surgeon!I didn't need anything drastic, like facial implants, just a little bit off here and there. Well let me explain.God (who I do not believe in BTW) well, it was decided somewhere in my genes for me to be blessed, cursed or whatever with a nose which was far too big for my face.Not a big fat nose....more

I want to pay for the upgrade!

For several years I have been a frequent flyer.For living in Perth, the most isolated city in the world we have to board a plane to do anything remotely exciting (Perth is quiet, but I do love it!)...more

Boo on no free booze or "extras"!! more