On the Chocolate Milk Fence


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My Guardian Angel

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After Blood and Tears: Back to the Crib

I'm not exactly admitting defeat on the whole crib-to-bed transition thing. It really is for my child's safety. Ok, and maybe a little for my sleep and my morning work outs....more

Simplifying My LIfe One Lame Show at a Time

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the Internal Struggle of a Working Mom

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This is very much like my situation. It took me a while to get over my job being such a part of ...more

Crock Pot Recipe; Butternut Squash Turkey Chili

 Can anyone believe I am even talking about food after the non-stop food fest between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I know, most of us are not done as New Year's Eve is around the corner but...a girl's gotta eat! ...more

What Not to Do: Eating and Drinking Over the Holidays


I hear yah!

The worst part for me is that I get so hungry if I drink too much. Not just ...more