Milk Money Bandits

Bullies. To some, the word itself evokes fear. In a previous generation, kids would steal your milk money or lunch money in order to keep peace in a self-ordained anarchy. The victim gives up the money hoping to keep their nose in the same place or to avoid a day full of teasing and threatening. These pirates (or bandits) do this in order to feel superior. This superiority eventually bleeds over into their jobs, whether it’s theatre or manufacturing. Working with one of these ruffians can make for an extremely stressful life. ...more

No Peace in Arizona...Tea

My son and I walked to the nearby grocery store this afternoon to pick a few items and chose to treat ourselves to a drink. Being on a very tight budget, we opted for ¢99 teas. My son chose Raspberry Arizona and I, being a bordeline Hippie, chose Cranberry Peace. Doing so, we made an interesting discovery....more

Hello! My Name Is....

Greetings! I am not new to the world of blog, but most definitely to a realm where the blog is read by someone other than my kids or extended family. So please be gentle.The "who"...that would be me, not the classic rock band. I have recently found myself in a three bedroom apartment with one 16 year old child, one bicycle, zero cars and a manufacturing job that I have a love/hate relationship with. ...more