Open Letter to CE Retailers: Want a Woman’s Business? Remember This…

Too often women feel like shopping for consumer electronics is often like getting their oil changed. Women walk into a store and are immediately judged on their electronics prowess just because she may have on heels and make-up. I had an unfortunate experience today at a retailer I will not name (although they are in bankruptcy, shutting down hundreds of stores, and made the headlines again today for having to break additional leases) that reminded me how infuriating this is. ...more

Savvy Shopper: Difference Between Recertified and Refurbished

This time of year we are all looking for a way to get the greatest gifts, but get the best deal. There are great deals to be had when you understand the lingo. You’ll see “Recertified” and “Refurbished” used interchangeably, but what is the difference? And what does it mean?  ...more