When Secret Santa Goes Grinch

Are people still doing Secret Santa? How about the gift exchange in the office? I’ve never been subjected to, a part of either of these economical efforts at sharing the love at Christmas, but my children have been involved a few times.http://hya21.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/when-secret-santa-goes-grinch/...more

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I knew it was going to happen. My son likes … a girl. You know - well you may not know, but he’s ten years old. I know I seem a little flustered, but maybe that’s because I’m a little unprepared.It was just a few weeks ago that I was surprised at his physical growth, so is it any wonder that I’m a bit behind in considering his emotional development? Regarding girls?...more

What I Know Now

This gray hair has got to count for something.Unlike some people who took the express train to premature grayness, I took my time, but now it’s on board and passengers are being added almost  daily. So if I have to wear the badge I had better have something to ‘know’ for it.What do I know?That it’s taking decidedly more work to stave off the middle age spread that is attempting to show up before I reach middle age.That some friends actually treat you better than family, and that some relatives were definitely grafted onto the family tree....more

Sounds of the Season

Where I live, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween (although some people are trying to make it an event), so there aren’t demarcations between those celebrations and Christmas. We do, however, have an Independence holiday on the first day of November - and the day after that, the radio station that I listen to all day began to play Christmas music....more

Art Has a Shelf Life

My daughter has been getting her writing on. And not just any writing – but writing in cursive (or as we say locally), “in join-up”. Being in grade two, she’s not being taught yet, but since her brother doesn’t write any other way now, she figured she’d follow suit. But I digress....more

Come and get it!

I was sent an inspirational quote yesterday, the gist of which was that you never know when you’ll make someone’s day when you purchase a small item from someone seeking to raise funds for someone or something....more

My First Time

I remember when I had my first article published in my local newspaper. When I first contemplated doing it, I knew personally of two other people who wrote for the same paper. One was a published author who was a sought-after speaker and panelist. The other (at the time), was actually the editor of the paper, but the column included neither her name nor picture, so it was a while before I knew that it was her....more

Buyer Beware

It’s amazing how not having any disposable income can quickly cure you of a shopping habit.As a person who never saw a mannequin I didn’t like, I've never understood how some people could be happy by just browsing through the aisles.Window shopping? Where’s the satisfaction in that? I didn’t have an overly active imagination as a child, and that hadn’t changed as I’d gotten older, so I couldn’t actually picture the dress on me if it wasn’t actually on me....more

In Defence of the Pre-nuptial Agreement

How do you show your love to those who matter the most to you? How do you let your significant other, for example, know that he means the world to you? If you’re a celebrity or someone of great worth, you know that someone loves you for you when that person is willing to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.Since most of us bring nothing into our marriages except love, a little baggage and some life insurance, pre-nups are not something most of us even think about – even though signed agreements between married couples, are becoming more popular among regular folks....more

Party Over Here!

In the Caribbean, we love to ‘fete’ – more in some islands than in others. Trinidad is known as the party capital. They say that the people there can turn anything into a party. In other islands, like my own, we wait for Carnival, where lately, the all-inclusive fetes have been reigning supreme. That means an entrance fee that includes music, drinks and sometimes food, in a secure, theme-filled location....more