I am not the droid you're looking for.

Up until the point I had children I was almost completely void of emotion.In a household like mine growing up where emotions were constantly over charged thanks to an abundance of mental illness and drug abuse, some thing in me decided emotions were weakness. Watching other people cry makes me uncomfortable, people who belly laugh to me just look silly, nothing should ever effect you so much emotionally that you feel the need to yell or become angry- that means the person who made you angry is the one with the power, the power to make you FEEL. ...more

A Dog's tail (Tale)

THE BEDTIME STORY I TOLD MY BOYS LAST NIGHT.Once upon a time, there was a puppy, a puppy who needed her furever home.The man who owned the puppy's mother placed an add online. PUPPIES FOR SALE.The puppy was worried no one would want her, she was the darkest puppy out of all her brothers and sisters. She was a bit chubby and she was a bit wobbly when she ran. What if no one wanted to be her person?...more

Dog is love

@Denise She is pretty gosh darn cute!more

Stay at home V Working mums. People need to stop giving a f*ck.

So this guy wrote a big long blog about stay at home mums and how people keep asking when his wife is going back to work. I'm a stay at home mum, so is my sister and until I was about 12 so was my mum.http://themattwalshblog.com/2013/10/09/youre-a-stay-at-home-mom-what-do-...If someone asked me (and they have) if or when I would be back to work I'd say 'I'm not' apparently some people find that question offensive. And then of course theres the old 'what do you do all day?' to which I reply 'Stuff'. Well shit that was difficult....more

Oh, you're the best friend that I've ever had.

Mr 2 and his bestfriend....more

Putting life into perspective

Everything is stuff.How much stuff do you have? Is it the newest version of stuff? Is it designer label stuff? How much did you pay for that stuff? Who can put the most stuff into their stupid stuffing houses?...more

Southern Hemisphere Summer

Way down here in Australia, the summer is almost started.Summer down here means, Christmas holidays, beach trips, barbeques and the smell of citronella candles and sunscreen.So while its still only Spring down here, the weather is already hotting up. Today was a nice and toasty 28 degrees celcius. (82 and a bit for you North Folk) Certainly not hot by Summer standards, but warm enough that my dudes and I (plus Josie) made our first beach trip for this swim season....more

Oh sod and bother! Part 2.

So we took Josie to the vet....more

Oh sod and bother!

My healthy vivacious, insane, happy puppy, has bald spots....more