Slaying the Granny Panty Syndrome

 I'm not sure the day I decided that the granny panties had to go, but I did.  Finding my curves again from working out definitely contributed, and my husband's hand finding elastic and cotton on the small of my back one evening had something to do with it.  But I also think that I wanted to be a woman who even at 59 had not given up on looking and feeling "sexy".  My body confidence was reappearing and so was my optimism about life in my 60's. The journey of reclaiming my sensuality was getting underway....more

My Sex life: Somewhere between Rob & Laurie Petrie and Fifty Shades of Grey

 Is that normal?  I find myself asking that question lately.  I'm 50 going on 60 and when the subject of sex comes up with my friends it's usually how the "sizzle has fizzled".  I, on the other hand find myself exploring new adventures with my husband of 31+ years and asking him questions about how he likes what I'm doing and what pleasures him.  And he is asking me too.  And sometimes he even says things, like, "I need to get to know your body".  What?  You mean you don't know my body?...more