No Alarm Clocks Allowed

Shhh! It's 7:00 AM and it's time for my son to get up and get ready for school....more

In the World, Not of the World

We All Birth Geniuses

I was reading a favorite blog of mine....more

Unplug to Unleash


Smile Power

We're leaving the orchestra concert....more

Our Annual Spring House Blessing

Right before the first day of spring, as nature renews its spirit and strength, so goes the renewal of spirit and strength in our home. Every year we invite our priest over to our home and perform a "House Blessing" ceremony, or "Service of the Blessing of Water". Image: 依靈 via Flickr ...more
 @CarolynMullin Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Yes, God is with us always and ...more

Super Woman Revisited

What I Made Wednesday {Melted Crayon Art}

This project is not to be missed. For a full tutorial, visit this link for all the details! Tidings to You!

No She Didn't

I was filling out the grueling, unending, online forms for my son's summer camp class for this year. By the time I got to filling in the parent information screen, I came across the field that asked for Mother's Occupation. First, I typed "Homemaker" - delete. Then, I typed "School Volunteer" - delete. Next, I typed "Blogger, Jewelry-Maker, College Consultant, Retired Engineer" - delete, delete, delete, delete.To keep reading, visit me at this post: Tidings to You!...more

Gratitude Journal Monday

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. It's a gift of opportunity that is laid before you but the next move is yours....more