A "Good" Update

None of these photos from our summer vacation have anything to do with anything in these posts. They just make me smile. Remember all that angst from the other day? Baroy and I met yesterday morning with N's teacher about some behaviors (and peer responses) in class that we were worried about--some teasing, some work refusal, some things disappearing from his desk. It was a very productive ...more

His Good, or the Greater Good?

(Let's pretend it hasn't been at least six months, OK? Let's pretend I was just here yesterday. And let's pretend I've updated you on everything that's happened. Which isn't much. Just regular life. Busy, busy, regular life. So...moving on...) N during summer vacation trip to Morro Bay. It was cold. It was great. N's triennial IEP will be at the end of November or the beginning of December, ...more


As Em left the house this morning, Baroy said to her, "Break a leg today." Something about that--not "Have a great day at school," or "See you tonight"--sent sparks of joy through my soul. I can't exactly explain. But I sort of want to try. Em is a freshman in high school, and started taking drama as an elective this year. And it has simply and totally electrified her. So when auditions for the ...more

For Autism Awareness Month

I've been so remiss; it's not even worth explaining. And this isn't even going to make up for it; it's not going to be some deep discussion of autism or the awareness thereof or whether we ought to be past all that (we ought). I'm here only because I've been putting a bunch of N-isms on Facebook lately, and that means there are some of you--if you're still out there--who haven't seen or heard ...more

No Justifications

On her blog, the ever-thoughtful and always-inspiring Jennifer Byde Meyers writes about the horrible news making its way around the special-needs community at the moment: the murder of a young autistic man by his mother, who then took her own life. I hadn't realized how close to home this was for Jennifer until I read her post today. That's what makes her ability to assess and summarize the key ...more

It All Feels the Same, I Guess

My brother-in-law, the kids' beloved Uncle Stevie, was in for the long weekend, and left tonight on a red eye back home. After he'd gotten into PJs and brushed his teeth, N appeared by the side of my bed, looking somber, and handed me a note. It read: Dear Mommy, I am very sad that Uncle Steve left and that reminds me about Grampa Jack and he left us and now I'm about to cry. Love N to Mommy ...more

Bravery, by N

N had to write a personal narrative tonight. This is what he wrote, on his own, without any assistance. That never happens. Ever. In fact, the insight, the independence...it's all pretty much unprecedented. I just had to share. (Tiny bit of back story--for those who didn't live through it with me on Twitter in July--is that he went to a six-week inclusion program at a local elementary ...more

The Half of It

He's working on a project for school right now. It's 9 pm on a Saturday, but let's put that aside. And although it was a project that was supposed to be almost completed at school and only 'enhanced' at home and we actually ended up doing more than 75% of it here, let's put that aside, too. Because he's just spent the last 15 minutes "decorating" the cover of the project, despite the fact that he ...more


N's annual IEP meeting is Monday. I've been prepping. Like crazy. Emphasis not on the 'like,' but very much on the 'crazy.' I've talked to his OT, and I know what she's planning on recommending. It involves a reduction in services, but not an annihilation of them. I'm OK with it. I've talked to his psychologist, and I know what she's planning on recommending. It involves more social-skills ...more

I Need You To Tell Me I'm Not Losing My Mind

Book lover. Always have been. Read voraciously as a child, voraciously as a younger adult, less voraciously after the kids were born, more voraciously as more of my time frees up. Although, these days, there's a lot more audiobook listening than there is visual, book-or-Nook-in-hand reading. That's irrelevant, mostly, to this plea for reassurance. Which is about the following: The last two ...more