I haven’t been blogging much lately and it’s not just because I’m so busy setting up cribs/washing tiny clothes/sterilizing bottles these days. With a mere five weeks or less to go until baby (eek!), I’ve got a lot on my mind too. I’m fully focused on my health and blood sugars right now, trying to make sure that our baby’s growth has every chance of staying on the right track, and that my BGs don’t creep up during this last phase of pregnancy as I tire out both physically and mentally from all the focus ....more

Quotable Quotes of the weekend.

Fourth of July weekend meant BBQs, hanging with friends, and watching some super-illegal commercial-grade fireworks being exploded at the local park. All around good times celebrating America’s birthday. It also meant being over 7 months pregnant and out in public in the heat ....more

What’s Workin’.

There was time when anything over 30 total daily units on my pump meant I’d had a serious carb-heavy day. Like I must have had a bowl of ice cream, or a pasta dinner to warrant something in the upper 30s or GASP: 40 units! In one day! ...more

Hope you don’t mind sleeping at your doctor’s office….

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging much these days, it’s because I actually now live at my doctor’s office. I have packed an overnight bag and some snacks and I now just literally live inside her office, strapped to one machine or another, giving blood samples for one reason or another, and generally habitating at the clinic. I’m going to start taking conference calls there and maybe set up some sort of kiosk to get more work done ....more

Crank it up.

Everyone said it would happen this way. The books, the blogs, and all the doctor friends I have in my line of work warned me: starting at about 24 weeks your insulin needs are going to go up. Like way up ....more

A Perk Up.

I realize last week’s post was a bit down in the dumps on the whole pregnancy thing. There are many challenges to being pregnant with T1D, but I don’t want those negative feelings to ever overshadow the overwhelming joy and excitement that I have for this human patiently roosting in my belly. So I think it’s only fair to talk about some of the perks of being pregnant! ...more

Guilt for two.

It’s 4am, and I can’t sleep. No, it’s not the expanding belly I’m sporting or the crazy workday I have tomorrow that’s keeping me awake. It’s the fact that my blood sugar is still over 200mg/dL despite the fact that I’ve been bolusing every two hours since I went to bed at 10pm the night before ....more

CHO with my coffee? Or nah?

I’ve long struggled with my dinner-time bolusing...more

The Contraband List.

My A1c right now is 5.5%. Please take a moment to log that, remember it, frame it in your mind and put it up in the Trophy Case because IT WILL NEVER BE THIS LOW AGAIN (unless we eventually have another kid which also, please don’t ask me if we are going to because I seriously don’t know if I’m even ready for one). When I met with my high-risk OB for a pre-conception meeting, I waltzed in there with a 6.2% smug as can be and boasted to her about my rock-solid A1c ....more

Duly noted.

Doctors these days are plagued with the burden of documenting more than ever. Each...more