Bossy’s Apartment Building Has A New Walking Club And Here Is Their Invitation

Hello and welcome to the New Walking Club! Our goal is fitness and we can’t wait to get started! Although we did wait to get started ....more

Bossy Explains Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression — otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — is a depressive disorder occurring only specific times of year, such as winter. Typical symptoms of Seasonal Depression include lack of energy, tiredness, sleepiness, and oversleeping with a side order of naps. Other symptoms include decreased focus, difficulty concentrating, and what was Bossy saying? ...more

In Honor Of Ken Burns’ Series The Roosevelts

Last night Bossy watched the Ken Burns’ series on PBS, The Roosevelts, which is to say Bossy and her mother and her daughter were ignoring the show and talking about boys. But when Bossy did turn her attention to the television, everything sounded vaguely familiar, as if Bossy had written a book about the Roosevelts herself. And then Bossy remembered she did write a book about the Roosevelts, dressed as a blog post answering the question: What if the Roosevelts were around today? ...more

Farewell Dear Stella

Mere hours before daybreak and an appointment that would have decided things for her, Stella shut off her own light. She did it with grace and dignity, on her terms, at the Bossy family house with her people lying on the floor around her. Ironically it was a woman named Kitty who was responsible for Bossy’s Great Dane ....more

How Bossy Spent Her Summer Vacation – And The Two Years Leading Up To It

Hello, and welcome to I Am Bossy, a humor blog without the blog posts! Luckily the blog is just as funny as ever. Even if currently written and archived entirely within the confines of Bossy’s own head! ...more

Explaining Stuff To Aliens: How To Tell Time

You see we have these things called clocks and no one looks at them because we have phones. Yes phones are for talking to people who aren’t there, but they’re also for telling time. No you don’t actually tell time anything, but rather telling time is the process of knowing what time it is ....more

Ten Word Tuesday: The Reading In Bed Edition

Look! It’s time for Ten-Word Tuesday on Wednesday! That’s because Thursday is the new Friday! ...more

Ten Word Tuesday: The Dream Analysis Edition

Bossy is going to tell you about her dream because people love when you do that. In the dream, Bossy got a puppy. But not just any puppy, it was a cross between a daddy longlegs spider and a stick figure drawn by an embryo: Bossy soon realized that although her puppy seemed to have the constitution of a blouse fiber, it did in fact need the typical puppy things, such as food and water and relieving itself out of doors: At first Bossy seemed to be meeting the challenges of her new puppy, who Bossy flanked during its daily routines, hoping the wind wouldn’t kick up: But then the puppy developed more energy as puppies do, and it wanted to run off alone for great distances, its indecipherable form impossible to track with Bossy’s naked eye ....more

A Very Bossy Tutorial: April Fools’ Day

Hello, and welcome to four-one-one-four! But you can call it Sister Mercy April is finally here. Unlike the first of every other month, April 1st marks the day we tell children the world is canceling summer ....more

Bossy’s Ban On Ban Bossy

As some of you may have heard because a Ban Bossy avalanche fell on your Monday morning pillow, Sheryl Sandberg launched a campaign to murder a word. If you don’t know Sheryl Sandberg because you’re buried under an avalanche, here’s a brief tutorial: she was always at the top of her class, graduating from college with the highest distinction. She served as Chief of Staff for the Treasury and then Vice President of Operations at Google where she initiated the site’s philanthropic arm ....more