A Fish in a Tiny Fish Bowl – Being Gay in a Third World Country

*Fish is a Jamaican derogatory slang for homosexuals. ...more

Taking and Break and What it Actually Means

Taking a break doesn't always mean, "Let’s break up". Sometimes it just means let's take some time to ourselves to figure things out separately and then come back and see if/how we can move forward. Most times this is what it means for me, so I'm not too fussy when my partners asks for one. And if I mean "let's break up", that's exactly how I would word it....more

I'm Head Over Heels In Love (...For the 4th Time)

I've been IN love about three times... until now. This is the fourth and probably the scariest of them all! Whenever I date someone, I normally wait on them to drop the 'L' bomb and if I feel it is right, I say it too. The thing that many people do not realise, is that there is a HUGE difference between loving someone, and being in love with them....more
That's a beautiful post Sam. Very personal and deeply touching. And thanks for the advice, ...more

Let's Have a Baby....Or Nah

When I was younger, I used to want very badly to be a mom. I wanted the big house and the pitter patter of little feet all over. For me, the more, the merrier. I wanted at least five little ones that I could nurture and love forever. And then I got older and I got over it. Not to say the desire of motherhood is something one simply gets over. However, I realised it probably wasn't for me. The realisation came after I had siblings, especially the last one. I was like a mother to her after our mom had passed away. The constant attention giving and losing sleep and worrying was not for me....more

Blogging As An Art Form

I've always been a writer; a bit of a story teller. Growing up, I always had something to say to someone on any topic that piqued my interest in that moment. My neighbour had me join a blog and I used it as a forum for my poetry. Then I started thinking that as  a writer, I should branch out more. I am currently working on a book and a wise woman told me that in order for the book to be good, I would have to exercise discipline in the form of a 9-5 writing schedule....more