My New Year's "Revolution"

Have you seen the commercial? The cute one with the little boy that has the "revolution" to eat more jelly beans? I love it! I too have a "revolution", it really is a revolt of sorts so I plan to stick with that word, I think it rings true for this new year.  Are you ready - I'm not....more

Are you happy?

Are you happy? 3 little words that ask so much. Happy - what does that mean? Who can say how another feels? Often I think that happiness is something I will never experience again, but then I remember little joys and realize I do experience "happy" it's just different now. What makes me happy these days? Spending time with my niece and nephew is always a joy, seeing old friends and supporting a good cause are both reasons to be happy. So I should just be so happy right now because I did all of those things this weekend....more
Maybe being "happy" will have to be a new thing for you after losing a child?  I have found that ...more

Snow days recall memories...

Snow day!!! Yes, those words can cause just as much excitement for a teacher as they do for a child. Waking up this morning to texts of no school was thrilling until I remembered where I was. I am 600 miles from home, planning to fly out today back to my hometown. Will I make it? Is the airport open? Will I make it in time for our Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled tonight? Why do we still have conferences if there is no school? It seems I am full of questions that have no answers at this moment....more

Is a grieving mom still a mom?

This is my first attempt at blogging, but I sincerely hope it isn't my last. Our only son was killed in an accident a little over 2 years ago. Since then I have needed a way to express myself. After reading the book "Heaven Is Here" by Stephanie Nielsen, I realized blogging might be a great way to express my own thoughts and feelings. Which brings me to my title - is a grieving mom still a mom? This has been the hardest thing to not hear anymore - the mom, mama, mommy that my son would call whenever he needed me for something....more
Once a mom, always a mom! Having a child changes you, and while he may not be physically present ...more