Meal Planning (5/3-5/9)

I kept this week’s meal planning superSUPER simple this week because I knew Neil was coming back from his float trip late Sunday and there wouldn’t be a lot of time to prep or mess around on Monday. We’re still eating a lot of chicken because it translates to Beeb’s meal prep and it saves us time in the long run not having to prep separate meat. Something we’ve been doing now for a few weeks is buying a whole chicken to make our lunches with ....more

Flying Solo

This was my first official weekend flying solo with Beeb. To date, neither of us have ventured out for more than a few hours without the other and the baby in tow, and frankly, we haven’t done much of that either. We also haven’t hired a babysitter or had a date night since November ....more

Mommy Thumb

So apparently that’s a thing. After waiting months to feel 100% again after spraining my wrist back in November, I decided to make a follow-up visit to the doctor. While I haven’t been in crippling pain, and every other part of my hand and wrist feel fine again, the tendons around the base of my thumb are still swollen and painful....more

Oh Weekend

We had a great weekend so I wanted to give a quick update — which is tough because as you probably have seen, I tend to be really wordy. Our weekend started off with an awesome find. I’ve been hoping for quite a while to put a little gym area in a little room we’ve been using for storage off the garage ....more

Meal Planning (4/26-5/2)

Not to brag, but we did absolutely awesome last week as far as meals and menu planning go. One whole chicken and about 3 lbs of chicken breast got us through the week and into the weekend. Seriously! ...more

A little training update

Can I even call what I do training anymore? I always emphasize to athletes at the box that they need to constantly evaluate their training and goals, and document their development wherever possible. I’m obviously terrible at taking my own advice, because I haven’t done that in months ....more

Meal Planning (4/19-4/25)

I feel like a broken record, but time is really flying this month. As I was typing in the date range for this meal planning post, I can’t help but think that Beeb...more

2015 Women’s Health Action Hero

A few weeks ago, I received exciting news from...more

4-11-2015 Gateway Motorsports Park with NASA Central Region

Gateway Motorsports Park with NASA Central Region kicked off the Kohler Racing 2015 season last weekend and despite some challenges actually GETTING to the track, the weekend was a huge success; for a few reasons. First, everyone came! Yup, that’s right, both Jes and our 8 month old KK came along for the weekend in St ....more

Meal Planning (4/12-4/18)

The week after a race weekend was always a scramble pre-kid (although now I’m looking back and laughing) but they are even more so now with Kaitlan here. The mountains of laundry, the house that didn’t get cleaned over the weekend, and of course the meals that didn’t get prepped. Thankfully, chicken was on sale at Lucky’s (we save so much money planning meals around sales), that we were able to scrape together meals for the beginning of this week, which is always the biggest hurdle ....more