Life with kids: reclaiming our evenings

I had several different titles for this post, but everything sounded like an adult film title, or possibly would have made our site look like a hub for adult film titles, so I went with something a little less SEO-optimal, but a little more safe. Oh the perils of blogging… It’s no secret that life with kids kind of warps your concept of personal time and how you spend it. Our downtime is very kid-friendly ....more


The adage is still true, the days are long but the weeks and months go so fast! But it’s Friday…Fri-NALLY! I can’t believe April is over and this week just completely flew by ....more

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Another week in the books, and I’m enjoying a little late night surfing while KK sleeps next to me. This weekend is definitely going to be PACKED. It’s the annual Kholucks McBacheloff party we do with friends (all our last names combined make the title), and we’re also going to do a 2-hour launch training session with clients ....more

Do you plan your weekends?

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! We had an awesome, super productive weekend. Do you plan your weekends? ...more

4/9/2016 – Gateway Motorsports Park – NASA Central Time Trials

Let the 2016 season begin! I will be running Time Trials with NASA Central starting out this year at Gateway Motorsports Park. But first, lets briefly recap what happened over the winter! 1 ....more

Around here

My title for this post makes me think of that Counting Crows song Round Here, which probably gives away my age in a big way. But there’s quite a bit going on around here. So here’s a little life update ....more

CrossFit Open Workout 16.5 is…

After CrossFit Open Workout 16.5 is done, the Open is…OVER! I still can’t believe the 2016 CrossFit Open is over! This year felt like it went by so fast ....more

Easter 2016

Here are some really belated photos from our Easter weekend in Springfield, Missouri. We just went down for a quick overnight from Saturday to Sunday but managed to squeeze in quite a bit! As we’re not really religious, Easter is always kind of a low-key holiday for us ....more

KK’s Loving Lately (19 months)

It’s hard to write blog posts about your 19 month old. I feel like everything I write one day completely changes the next and it’s hard to know where to even start or end a blog post without a major cliffhanger or resolution. But looking back on her first year, I know I don’t want so many gaps in my writing about her (ohh parent guilt!), so I thought I’d do little edition of “Loving Lately” just for her ....more

CrossFit Open Workout 16.4 is…

Oh my goodness, sorry guys, got a little backlogged last week with my courses at work going live. I always start like, 5 blog posts, and typically 1-2 get finished, and that just hasn’t happened the past few weeks. We’re in the middle of beta-testing a new process that I hope won’t leave my day to day life in such extreme variance ....more