What do I need for breastfeeding and pumping? (Part 1)

Getting started in breastfeeding and pumping. Yes, I intentionally tried to make that sound like an old-school textbook. I’m by no means turning into a mommy blogger, but as a new parent, I have received so much help and great information that I feel the need to pay it forward somehow ....more

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

I swear I am the biggest failed blogger. These weeks, they go SO FREAKING FAST. And it’s really not like there is something monumental happening every day, but every day is a little different, you know? ...more


Look, it’s baby’s first Christmas tree! We were only one string of lights short, which Neil was running out to grab when this picture was taken. Despite the fact that she’s looking the other way, she LOVES looking at the tree ....more

3 Months Postpartum

Yes, switching to months because the math is just easier. She’s three months old! She’s definitely not a teeny tiny newborn anymore (I packed up those clothes today), and in the past month I feel like she’s become a little fireball of development ....more

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Hi, despite the fact that I’m still rocking one arm (said in Amy Poehler’s “Amber” voice), there’s still quite a bit to be happy about this week so here we go! My baby is rocking all the fuzzy footie pajamas and is so squishy I can’t stand it. She’s also discovered her screaming voice and will randomly throw it out there to keep us on our toes ....more


So it’s been a frustrating week. Yup, screwing around at the gym and sprained my wrist. I won’t go into how, because the mere mention of being injured at CrossFit is enough to puff some hater chests and I really don’t have the energy to defend or rationalize ....more

Paleo Dollar Book Sale!

Okay, so I’m not big on sales or gimmicks, but we were contacted to be part of the Dollar Book Sale, and given I have most of these titles, and love them, I thought I’d pass this deal on so you could get these books for a great price! The caveat? ONE DAY ONLY (TODAY, 11/25) — SO ACT FAST! ...more

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Fact: The weeks go by SUPER quickly when you are going to bed with your kid before 9pm. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but when you are getting at least 6 hours a night, I’m going to call win for the time being — even if it feels like you’re missing out on everything. I didn’t get a chance to do much of anything this week besides work, but here are a few things from this week… It’s snowed several times in the past week ....more

How-To: 02-2008 Jeep Liberty window regulator replacment

If you have a Chrysler/Jeep anywhere from 2002-2008 I guarantee that at some point you are going to one day try to roll up the window, hear a pop, and the window no longer goes up or down with the switch. Almost every time this is a window motor regulator that has failed. Where it has failed can vary, but most commonly some of the plastics in the lifting mechanism has broke or come apart ....more

Old School Blogging

I thought I’d just do some old-school rambling. You know, blogging just for the sake of sharing thoughts and feelings — totally unsponsored and unaffiliated. There’s not enough of that going on anymore ....more