Lost my blog

Hello there!   Today I accidentally deleted a gmail account and lost access to my blog http://4everamommy.blogspot.com I am heartbroken as this was my mommy journal, and I feel like I've lost so many memories!  Anyone out there knows if there is hope? I've tried the help forums and send e-mails to Google to try to restore my account with no luck!...more

when you deleted the account? If you can still get to the blog you may be able to export it ...more

Cuando Un Amigo Se Va (When a Friend Leaves)

There is a song called "Cuando un Amigo se Va" by Alberto Cortez and the lyrics go something like this:When a friend leaves,there is an empty spacethat can not be filledby any other new friend.When a friend leavesit leaves a burning flamethat cannot be turned offeven by the biggest rainWhen a friend leavesa star stops shinningthe one that used to brightenchildren sleeping soundlyWhen a friend leavesit's like a fallen treethat will never grow backdefeated by the wind ...more

The Last Diaper

I'm done cleaning pooped and peed diapers that weight a ton. Finished. This is it.So, I bit the bullet and bought and downloaded the 3-Day Potty Training Program advertised on Parents Magazine. I read the whole thing and I am ready to spend the next three days grounded, following the instructions step by step. ...more


Last weekend, the girl gave us a run for our money by being extremely difficult and whiny, more than anything. Her father and I were at the end of out wits, although luckily it seemed that we were taking turns on loosing our patience with her.Came Monday morning, and I found myself wishing I were one of the parents whose kid got accepted into preschool. Due to my negligence on checking age requirements on time, the girl was on a wait list and was No. 21 on that list. Note much hope.Tuesday morning the phone rang. ...more


During our vacation in Puerto Rico, Little Dude was bottle fed a lot more often than ever before. This was due to a combination of hectic schedules, my mom taking care of him, the heat (it is so hard to breastfeed when you are sweaty and sticky) and the fact that he is simply ravenous. Obviously, this has taken a toll on my milk supply, but I am okay with that. I am still breastfeeding him 4 to 5 times a day, but I am also supplementing with sometimes up to 6 ounces of milk.   ...more

Flower Girl

When my uncle asked me a few months ago if the girl could be the flower girl at his son's wedding, I happily agreed, but told him that I wasn't sure if the girl would understand what she was supposed to do during the ceremony. Luckily, we are a pretty close family, so nobody seemed to mind. ...more


It is amazing to watch how the Girl and Little Dude are two completely individuals despite the fact that I am raising pretty much the same way: To read full post, please visit my blog at http://4everamommy.blogspot.com ...more

Photo Safari

One of my Christmas Presents from the husband was a gift certificate for a 4 hour photography class around the DC Monuments. Between being really pregnant at the time, having a baby and getting breastfeeding established, it wasn't until 6 months later that I was able to use my gift. To read full content, please visit my blog at http://4everamommy.blogspot.com/ ...more

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Today I spotted a spider in the girl's room. I'm not terrified of spiders, but I'm not crazy about them either. After finding our visitor, I grabbed a tissue paper and was about to take care of business when the girl spotted it and said: "the Itsy Bitsy Spider!" and started singing the song. Suddenly my murder attempt got halted. How could I kill the Itsy Bitsy Spider in front of her! To read full post, please visit my blog at http://4everamommy.blogspot.com ...more

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. The kiddies behaved really well and the husband cooked an amazing dinner, worthy of a restaurant. However, my Mother's Day came really close to being a complete disaster! To read full post, please visit my blog at http://4everamommy.blogspot.com   ...more