My Voice

My voice does not lie on the white couches and comfy throws of home decor websites. My voice is not found casually tossed among the apples of the fresh fruit bowl in the spotless farmhouse kitchen of the food blogger. My voice cannot be heard springing forth from the carefully constructed Pinterest board that features colors found only near the ocean on a bright spring day. My voice comes from my puppy when I squeeze him just a little too tightly. My voice is hidden behind the antler-less, somewhat crushed deer skull that ...more

I Was Upskirted and I Didn't Call the Cops

Chris and I were on our annual Mother's Day vacation, and we were at our favorite part of it: time with our dear friends, Katie and Paul, in Maryland. We treasure this visit every year. We usually try to find a couple of fun or unusual touristy things to do, and Paul will take a day or two off of work to play hooky with us. Katie had just finished up her first semester of nursing school, and I was excited that she was done with her finals by the time we were pulling into their driveway. (She kicked ass on her exams, by the way!)...more
IdyllicChick I was just in Columbia yesterday. I don't live far at all. I didn't know about that ...more

How to Use Your Fitbit to Get Back in Shape

Since I posted the picture below on Facebook and announced that my husband and I have lost about 135 pounds between the two of us, I've gotten several questions from friends asking for details: how we did it and how we used our Fitbits. So here goes. ...more
Katie Jenkins Thank you so much! Have you considered selling the craptastic one and getting ...more

15 Tips for Traveling to Bruges and London, with Two Sixes

My husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to Bruge and London! We did a lot of things right this time, and we screwed some things up as well. Since I felt like I wasn't able to find a lot of practical tips before we left, I'm anxious to tell you what we learned! I imagine many of these tips will be appropriate for other international travel, but since our trip was so specific, I don't want to generalize....more
Karen Ballum And the cookies are delicious! (Especially the macarons from the little shop in ...more

Adventure Monday

I have Mondays off, and I generally like to enjoy the company of my friend Debby on those days. We find a place to hike for a bit, or visit a park, or whatever. Then we'll do some shopping or grab some lunch and a cocktail. She's always up for a bit of an adventure, so sometimes we end up in unexpected places. Today was an unexpected places Monday, for sure....more
I'm no drinker but I'd have loved to go on this adventure with you.more

Feel Better Tea

I am not sick. But Chris has a pretty horrible sore throat, and I took him to the doc in the box yesterday for a strep test (Negative.), so I had to sit in the waiting room with all of those other sick folk. But I was a bit off-kilter today. Physically, I felt like I was walking through mud. Mentally, I was as fuzzy as a peach. So even though I'm not sick, I stopped at the grocery on the way home from work to grab supplies for Feel Better Tea. If I'm not sick, Feel Better Tea will keep me from getting there as well as it helps me feel better quickly when I *am* sick....more
idyllicchick What? He won't drink it? Wow. I'm surprised. You're the picky eater in the family, lol.more

Blogs Changing My Life

The lesson here, kids, is to write and post. Even if you don’t think people are listening, they are, and you are changing their lives. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Maybe for a day, maybe for a lifetime. Because you have the power of blog. ...more

I love it!more