The Lusty Vegan: Activist Makes Creepy Videos About Vegans Being Better in Bed

There are some pretty interesting videos circling around the interwebz highlighting the much-spoken topic of vegans being better in bed. Unfortunately this string of videos, done by the tuneless and terrifying John Sakars, are highly cringe-worthy. Sakars, an animal rights activist, has been making these for a couple of years now ....more

Music That Makes You Cooler: The Western Den

If you are looking for new music to relax/breathe or contemplate,...more

What’s The Big Deal About Coconut Oil?

As a health professional, I get that question all the time. Not too long ago, I didn’t have much to say about it. It felt like I was the last person jumping aboard the coco oil bandwagon ....more

End of Summer Fruit: A Guide to Plums

Plum rhymes with yum, amiright? Plums are so delicious, and so under appreciated! ...more

What’s Wrong With the Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve been on social media at all within the last 7 days, you’ve probably been bombarded with this whole “Ice Bucket Challenge,” where people dump buckets of ice water on themselves to raise awareness (and money) for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...more

SeaWorld In Trouble

It’s hard out here for Orcas, but getting even harder for those who are continuing to keep them in captivity to do so. After a year of flat attendance, a huge drop in revenue, and the announcement of Southwest Airlines dropping their 26-year partnership with SeaWorld, the aquatic amusement park decided it was time to face the animal rights activists and make some changes. We all know that the lack of attendance and cash flow for the parks was due to the groundbreaking documentary “Blackfish”, but the cause for Southwest Airlines to drop their partnership is credited to activists from a different platform ....more

MTMYC: Raury.

Last night while...more

Enter the IEG BEST S’mores contest, it’s a peice of cake!

This was super quick and easy thing to whip up and boy was it well received! My family was in a state of sugary bliss. It not only tasted phenomenal, but it was simple to create, Vegan and LOOKED uber professionally done ....more

Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean you should give up on fitting into that bikini you bought months ago....more

Robin Williams Opens the Door To Talk About Depression

The news of Robin Williams’ death hit hard last week, and just about everyone is feeling it. Whether you grew up alongside Williams, watching Williams,...more