Poppin’ Bottles In Celebration of Vegan Champagne

iEG managing editor, Kaela Holmes French champagne giant, Duval-Leroy, recently announced that after twenty years of perfecting natural filtration techniques, they are officially going 100% vegan. The 156-year-old company sold a reported 5.2 million bottles in 2006, and is ranked in the top 15 Champagne houses in the world. Duval-Leroy joins the ranks of other beverage brands altering their filtration processes for a more environmental and animal friendly approach ....more

Potato Skips Recipe: Best Thanksgiving Leftover

Alright, guys. Anyone who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday is juuust starting to recover from the I-Will-Eat-Everything-At-Thanksgiving-Dinner battle. And we all know there are enough leftovers to feed you and the entire office next week ....more

Leftovers For A Glowing, Holiday Face?

Amarie Halley, iEG Don’t toss out your Thanksgiving food prep scraps just yet! I love to cook, bake, decorate and eat. The holidays, however, can run us down, make us look tired, sallow and lacking rest and hydration ....more

Caitlin Stasey Talks About ‘Herself’ and Hollywood Sexism

Juliet Freudman, iEG contributor This week, Style Like U, ...more

The Lusty Vegan: 4 Dishes to Feed the Omnis This Thanksgiving

Zoe Eisenberg, iEG sex/lifestyle Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! For most Americans, T-Day means two things: food and family. As many vegans know, food-focused holidays–which, let’s be honest here, typically means all of them—can be stressful when your family doesn’t totally get down with your ...more

New York to Have World’s Largest Vegan Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble! Turkeys all over are thrilled to hear the news! Long Island, New York’s Community Solidarity, a non-profit working to eliminate hunger, poverty, and homelessness, will be hosting the largest vegan Thanksgiving to date from Nov ....more

Oh My Squash: Thanksgiving Goes Vegan

Kaela Holmes, managing editor We love Caitlin Galer-Unti and her blog The Vegan Word. Recently,...more

Vegan Activism: The Monster I Never Dared to Wake

Juliet Freudman, iEG contributor In choosing to be vegan, we have an inherent desire to make a difference, whether that difference concerns the environment, animals, people or anything else. Even though my romantic, idealistic self has always dreamed of changing the world, there was one monster I never dared to wake: vegan activism. I don’t like being judged because I’m vegan, and I have no right to judge others for their eating choices ....more

Guinness To Go Vegan!

Michelle Martinelli, iEG contributor Vegan beer lovers: Rejoice! For the first time in its 256-year history, Guinness is going vegan. The world-renowned Irish stout will change its filtration process by the end of next year to eliminate fish-based isinglass — a substance used to improve the beer’s clarity and remove excess yeast, according to the U.K. newspaper The Times ....more

WHO Says Don’t Eat Bacon

Michelle Martinelli, iEG contributor Chances are most of us aren’t surrounded solely by others who share our lifestyles and eating habits. I can only think of one friend who shares my meatless existence. While I’m not one to force my personal choices onto others, it doesn’t stop me from encouraging my carnivorous loved ones to make better choices for themselves ....more