Laying Down Idols Like An 80's Legwarmer


What If We Just Worshipped

homeschooling and comparison

Thanks for this! It seems like no matter how many times I hear that I shouldn't compare my ...more

when you want to quit

I've had one of those kind of weeks. The roller coaster kind where I think my highs will last longer than they actually do. Instead, I end up plummeting down the otherside of the hill as fast as I go up. Maybe I'm delusional. Some call it organic church. Whatever it is, it is painful and it is real. Lord knows the dying and growing that keeps happening feels little like trauma. ...more

when you're hard on yourself

She walked away when she was only 12 yrs old. Never thinking it brave. Survival meant leaving and never coming back. Her younger sister remembers nothing.  Not one thing of all those years. The older one took care of the younger one as she screamed hysterically once the voices started to intensify. They both knew, violence was soon to follow. So when the divorce happened, they were relieved instead of sad. For once, they felt safe. ...more

pressured to be part of something is probably a good indicator not to be

One thing I am learning about the Christian faith in these latter days, is we ought to be very careful who we yield to. There are many men and women with good intentions, possibly with high morals, that we’ll encounter in the church. They speak eloquently, persuade many with empty philosophies and confuse people with their theologies which hinge on works of flesh....more

when we drop the fake mask and show our true nature

People can be cruel and Christians in particular. I mean, there's the high-n-mighty-horse that we Christians like to ride. We have our ideas of what's right and wrong and we aren't afraid to tell you about it. After all, scriptures are black and white and we can wield them like a sword to cut others down. And before we know it, our tongue is forked with Christ and sharp words and criticism. All the more reason to hide. ...more

Greek Roots Give "Obey those who rule over you" A Different Perspective

Since we are established and rooted in our freedom in Christ, then let us continue in sober thinking and due diligence.  Let’s not approach scriptures from fear, but like Berean’s, search out the full measure of words while also relying on our Supreme counselor, the Holy Spirit....more

If a Woman is Liberated In Church, Will That Incite Rebellion in the Home

By all means, no!When Jesus Christ, Himself, is the head of His church, then there is liberty, yes. But that doesn’t mean we stay true or free to that liberty. Doctrines of men come and subvert our freedom because this freedom is an antithesis to man’s way, when in fact, freedom only establishes a much higher way of order....more