Identical or Fraternal???

So when the girls were in the womb, it appeared they were fraternal twins. They were Di/Di, which basically just means they had two separate sacks and two separate placentas. Most twins that present as di/di are fraternal, but there is still about a 20% chance they could be identical ....more

Book Lovers...Anyone?

So ya'll know how I have so much time these days? How I post over here like...all the time? No? Yeah its because I don't! HAHA! However, what little time I do have I spend reading. I'm neglecting IFOA, I know, but mama needs to keep her sanity. And I do that with a nice LARGE glass of wine and a good book. Actually I have turned into a bit of a book-aholic. (pun intended :) ) ...more

Moving to Chicago!

Correction...we MOVED to Chicago! We got here on Saturday.Back in March my husband was offered a job promotion IN CHICAGO!! WIth only 3 weeks notice before he had to start, we were scrambling to get the move together. As it turns out he left ahead of us, and 3 weeks later he came home to pick us up and meet the movers. Keep in mind, I am a SOUTHERN GIRL! I was born and raised in Savannah Ga, and we ...more

Family Pictures.

So we finally got around to family pictures. It only took us 4 months after the girls were born. Don't worry it's not we are lazy or anything. We still don't even have pictures of Holden (16 months) up in frames yet....oh wait....maybe we are lazy ....more

Peeks head in

Hi, my name is Aly and I am a total blog failure. It has been aproximately 2 months since my last post.Seriously people why can't I get my act together?What is going on with us? Where do I even start?The other day I had a total emotional meltdown. Ok that seems like a great start! You wanna know why I never blog anymore? Its because I am a freaking crazy woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more

This and That!

So I know I said I would be better about posting, and apparently I lied! For any of you Dane Cook Fan's..."I DID MY BEST....I did my best" (If you are not a Dane Cook fan you tube it).A quick run down of our holidays.Way way too many presents for our kids. London laughed, Holden terrorized, and Greysen and Harper ate and slept.and New Years Eve? Well that is a-whole-nother story, best saved for another day when I have time ...more



The Girls Have Arrived!

Greysen Elizabeth and Harper Elliot arrived yesterday weighing in at 5lbs11oz and 5lbs8oz respectively. ...more

35 weeks

So here we are at 35 weeks! I can't believe it! Lets see, I think another update is required. First of all last week, at 33w6d, my Dr sent me to the hospital for 2 nights. I had gone from being 2cms dilated at 32 weeks to 4cms at almost 34 weeks. Add that to the fact that I was having contractions every 2-3 mins and that was enough to earn me a hospital stay and some steroid shots for ...more

The Home Stretch

So I know I have been horrible about updating my blog recently but to be totally honest just walking to the bathroom is almost more than I can handle these days ....more