Virginia Is (Not) For (Oral) Lovers (?!)

I woke up and checked my calendar this morning and, just as I remembered, the year is still 2013.  However, after reading that the Attorney General of Virginia wants to ban certain sexual activity, I felt like time went backwards and no one warned me!...more

Beautiful Surprise

So I told you guys that I may post a poem. I've decided to share with you. This is a favorite because it's one I wrote about my son.  Thanks for stopping by and reading it. ...more

3 A.M.

I wrote this and posted it back in 2010.  It is three years later and my own words have come back to slap me in the face and encourage me at the same time! Wow! ...more

In The Beginning

     Reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies.  However, writing would be number one for me.  It is my therapy.  I have a notebook with songs, poetry, essays, etc... Ohhh and can't forget my journals.  Yes, those are important with every year that passes and I can reflect on those moments....more