An Open Letter to Beyoncé About Her Nursery Plans

You might think this is another one of my judgmental rants in the same vein as my letters to Katie Holmes, Mariah Carey and ...more
LOL. Thanks for writing this. Celebrities definitely live in their own alternate reality. more

Family Vacation Minus One

Tomorrow, Mike and I are going on vacation.* I know your first question. It's— "Are you taking the baby?" To which I'll respond, "Ummm... does going away with a baby sound like a vacation??" No, Mike and I will most definitely NOT be traveling with the baby. Unless Mazzy figures out how to get to the airport and stow away underneath the plane on her own. In which case, the universe is conspiring against me. AND— isn't my kid super smart?! ...more

Can you say Mashed Potatoes?

Dr. B's Top Ten Developmental Tips For Parents of A One-Year-Old

    Dr. B (AKA my sister) has a doctorate in school psychology specializing in  ...more

The Lamest New Year's Eve On Record

Since I don't celebrate Christmas, I have always made New Year's Eve the focal point of my holiday festivities....more

Just saw your comment. I'm new to Blogher and just figuring things out. Although I know you ...more

The New Year's Eve New Parent Drinking Game

This year, I am throwing a special event for New Year's Eve. It is called "A Regular Evening". In order for "A Regular Evening" to go off as planned, I have taken great care to prepare. The TV appears to be working and I have selected my holiday outift— a pair of American Apparel drawstring pants paired with a Fame-esque off the shoulder sweatshirt. Would you like to join me but have a baby to watch of your own? No worries....more

What's a Jew to do in Bloggerville on Christmas?

Here is a picture of my baby sitting on Santa's lap. No joy, no tears, nothing. Unaffected. If this picture had accompanying dialogue it would be: "Mom? Aren't we Jewish?" Yep, babe, it's true. And as a result, I'm afraid all this holiday hoopla is not really meant for you....more