Found: Affordable Term Life Insurance for the Self-Employed

Good news for entrepreneurs:  you can buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of term life insurance protection for much less that you ever thought possible.  For those who are self-employed, it is important to insure yourself with term life insurance for the savings you are tapping into, the benefits you may have lost from a former employer, or any outstanding loans you might have....more

Financial Spring Cleaning in Five Easy Steps

Once the Easter bunny has cleared out, Spring has officially sprung. Pull out the whites and pastels and start clearing out the remnants of Winter. But Spring cleaning should be more than just cleaning out your garage and packing your mittens.We recommend you clear the financial clutter with an annual Financial spring cleaning– Here is how to do it in five easy steps....more

Should You Talk To Your Family About Life Insurance?

So, you’re sitting around the dinner table talking about how the day went....more

Ash Wednesday: Start of the Lenten Season and Time for Renewal & Reflection

Today is Ash Wednesday… the beginning of the Christian season of Lent… the six-week period of preparation for Easter.. when the bible reveals Jesus Christ was crucified and died on the cross.The tradition began centuries ago when Christians who had sinned had ashes sprinkled on their bodies as a sign of repentance. The observance grew over the centuries as believers began to openly reveal their need for repentance by having ashes placed on their foreheads in the shape of a cross....more

Insure Your Love: The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift!

As the “month of love” begins, many people are busy trying to figure out how to let their loved ones know just how much they care. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and candlelit dinners are all fine options. But this year, the nonprofit LIFE Foundation would like Americans to consider something slightly less traditional....more

Insure Your Love: What Fruit Flies Can Teach us About Life and Love

It’s that time of year again; that time leading up to February when we profess our love to the person in our life we call our “Valentine.” From gifts to special dinners, we strive to prove our love for that special someone.  But financial experts say one of the most important gifts you can offer the one you love is the gift...more

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Lower Your Life Insurance Rates

Another year is coming to a close—- a time when many of us strive to make changes and New Year’s resolutions to improve key things in our lives.  Our motivation is usually pure self-improvement but wouldn’t it be a great incentive to save some money in the process?...more

LifeQuote Offers Expert Tips on What to Do if You Lose Your Job

LifeQuote insurance experts recently created a guide outlining the top eight resources for anyone who has recently lost their job. The guide focuses on real-world solutions that draw upon insurance industry expertise to offer more universal tips to the average out-of-work American looking for affordable insurance and employment....more

LifeQuote Supports MassMutuals Kid's Life Insurance Social Media Campaign

The “Why Life Insurance?” consumer awareness program that was recently launched by Massachusetts Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), is having an impact. Their Facebook page has sparked more than 22,000 people to "Like" it. The innovative and creative combo of entertaining videos, interactive tools and informative content hosted solely on a social platform is incredibly unique in an industry that is relatively staid and conservative. Here is one of the videos....more

Invest Your Cigarette Money On Life Insurance This Great American Smoke-Out

Our country is celebrating the 36th annual Great American Smokeout today, Nov. 17, so it might be a perfect day for you to kick the habit and put that cigarette money into your family's future instead. Doing it for the sake of your health is a good enough reason but if you need another incentive let's figure out how much of your money is going up in smoke because of this nasty habit....more