A Change in Plans...for the Blog

Well, folks, after seven years, I've decided to end the Malta part of this blog. After next week, I will no longer be posting new information on Malta or answering questions about Malta--either on the blog or personally through email. The old information and posts will stay, as long as they are useful to readers ....more

And That's the Question: Life after Malta

I'm back! I've gotten some interesting mail about Malta--and I need your help in answering it. So if you would, please write and let these people know what I can't tell them: ...more

Belly Dancing in New Mexico? Life After Malta

Who would have thought I would leave the Mediterranean and come to the mountains of New Mexico to learn how to belly dance? But I did. And editor asked me to tell people a dozen things I learned from my classes here in Albuquerque, so here is the link to this article: ...more

Food for Love in Malta

This looks good, doesn't it? ...more

What Got ABQ on the Map--Life After Malta

Meanwhile, here is THE SHOW that put little old Albuquerque on the map. Maybe some of you in Malta saw the series. It's over now to the despair of many people ....more

Would you believe this? Life after Malta

I actually got rejected from a dating service today. That's right--not a man (or men) on a dating site, but a dating service itself. It's supposed to be a personal matching service with real people matching you up, not a website ....more

Superstitious in ABQ--Life After Malta

Think you're superstitious? Read about who really is: ...more

Stupid Resolutions--Life After Malta

If you're sick of resolutions--making them, breaking them, forgetting them, whatever, please read this story and tell me what you think ....more

NewYear's New Mexico Style: Life After Malta

So what did you do last night--New Year's Eve, 2015? I was going to have a friend come over, but at the last minute she called me and said she was too scared ....more

Crazy Animals in Albuquerque: Life After Malta

How are all of you doing? Are you thrilled with the Holiday Season? Here's something that make lift your mood for 10 or 20 seconds ....more