The Cupcake Party

 Out of a desperate need to unfunk myself, I threw the kids a cupcake party. How does that work? Well, I gave myself 24 hours to clean house, bake and transform into a slightly less-perfect June Cleaver. By doing so, I am utterly incapable of thinking about any of those things from my previouspost....more

Sunrise Pops

 Fun fact: Will, in his former life, was a bartender. He’s actually one of the best bartenders I know. I don’t know why it never occurred to me he would take an interest our popsicles. The kids had just about finished the last round of them when he suspiciously began to rinse out the mold. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen this man do dishes. “I’m going to make a popsicle.” He declared. Well, who was I to argue with that?...more

Affordable Healthcare

Yesterday, we received news from the Supreme Court that Obamacare had been upheld. I think many were under the impression that results would be immediate. However, Universal Healthcare will be coming to a store near you in 2014. So in the mean time, where does one find affordable healthcare?...more

Box Forts


Shame Punishments

For better or for worse, there seems to be a media driven trend towards shame punishments. First, we had Tommy Jordan who shot his daughter’s laptop. The girl had used it to publicly complain about being forced to do housework. Then, there was Denise Abbot who used Facebook to punish her daughter with the words ”I do not know how to keep my [mouth shut]. I am no longer allowed on Facebook or my phone. Please ask why.” Now, we have Kaytlen Lopan, a 13 year old who cut off a 3 year old’s hair and was sentenced to 30 days in detention....more


On the 19th, my mother called to tell me my grandmother had died. Over the last 3 years, my grandmother had had a heart attack. She had survived and underwent a triple bypass surgery. Thankfully, she recovered. In recent months, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had survived hair loss and chemotherapy. Her cancer was in remission. Things were looking good. Then early last month, my grandmother was on the phone with her sister when she had a stroke. I thank God for that. Judi called my grandfather and response was immediate....more

This Father's Day

 @Sue @ Housekaboodle I love those ideas! I can't imagine quiet with 8 kids.  Thank you for ...more

Time Out

As parents, we are very quick to self sacrifice for the sake of our families.  In my single years, I was a college student. I went to yoga twice a week and had meditation group on Thursdays. My husband was a passionate online gamer. These facts remained true until we had our first child. Suddenly, we didn’t have the money or the time to do anything. Of course, we had the shows we watched together. We had a deck of cards.  I can even remember one New Year’s Eve being completely thrilled just to play Wii Sports and eat frozen hors devours....more
2 of the 8 are mine. The rest belong to our playgroup. I love your ideas! It's amazing how ...more


One of my biggest secrets is that I constant battle with anxiety. Depression is in the mix too but anxiety is the main contender. I used to love those little commercials that chalked it up to a chemical imbalance. They made so much sense. Nothing is really wrong, I'm just chemically imbalanced.But in the heat of it, I was in danger of losing my job and I could not bring myself to leave the apartment. Then I could not bring myself to leave my room. I would sleep and wake at strange hours and fell victim to a slew of random illnesses....more
You guys are so sweet. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there. Thank you for reading :)more

The Purple Nightmare

I think the true secret to baking is repetition. It took me 3 years to master simple sandwich ...more