Update: I Was Never Taught to Clean

As I stated in my first post, I was never taught to clean. I have, however, taken to pinterest and started to click on links that I've found interesting. One site that I have come to like is onegoodthingbyjillee.com. From this site, I picked up a few cleaning tips that I mentioned in my first post. Things didn't go exactly as planned, but I got a good start from the tips I tried. ...more

I Was Never Taught To Clean

It has dawned on me a few times in recent months that I was never taught to clean. Most of my life, my parents have told me my room likes like a pig sty and a cat's ass among other insults about me being unclean. I guess it has never occured to them that they didn't teach me how to clean when I was younger. I was just always expected to know how to do things....more