My Kid is Being Bullied & I’m the One Who Wants to Fight

My son is 6 and he is being bullied in first grade. Actually it started in Kindergarten with the same kid, but the school did little to help. We tried everything to get the school to step in and stop it, but it was close to the end of the school year. I know they were hoping to ride it out till the end of the year so they didn’t have to deal with it....more

Supporting Them & Letting Them Go

“The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride a bike. A shaky child on a bike for the first time needs both support and freedom. The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard.” ~Sloan WilsonIf you have ever taught your child to ride a bike, then you know exactly what this quote is saying. The day you teach your child how to ride a bike is one of the hardest things to do because you have to give them enough support to get them going and then know just the right time to let go....more

Fallen Off Your Diet? Yeah, Me Too

Have you ever been doing good on your healthy eating only to have a stressful situation crop up and you find yourself with your nose buried in the feedbag?Yep, me too.In fact just yesterday after an exceptionally stressful day I found ice cream in the freezer. It’s not every day we have some and this just happened to be my favorite flavor. Imagine that.I was saving it for the weekend for my free day that I allow myself to indulge in anything I want. I don’t binge eat on that day, I just allow myself a special treat and I refuse to feel guilty about it....more

A Lesson in Dirty Dishes

As I stand here for what feels like the millionth time doing dishes, I feel the weariness settle in.Today being like most days passed by in a blink of an eye. The night is closing in fast and I feel the urgency to hurry up and get done so I can go on to the next task.I sigh deeply and think about all that still needs to be done before I get to lay my head down....more

Did You Send the Text to the Right Person?

There is nothing like that feeling of panic when you send a very personal text message to that special someone, only to realize in horror that you may have sent it to the last person who called instead of the person you meant to send it to. You then find yourself frantically checking the "Send" section on your phone to double check you picked the right person. Has this ever happened to you?  Did you find sweet relief, or did your face turn hot red with embarrassment as your fingers start flying, texting ...more

Facebook and the Who Has More Likes Issue

If you have a Facebook page and you post things about your life, your kids and such, do you get many likes or comments?Do your online friends seem to get more responses than you do? How does that make you feel?...more

Another Mom Was Nice To Me Today

Today as I was standing in line to return something at Target, my four-year-old son was displaying his displeasure at having to be there by misbehaving a bit. Don’t you just love it when all you want to do is run a quick errand and end up standing in line with a cranky kid? Nothing brightens a day more than having to correct your child in public and watch them unravel right before your eyes. It seems that when your child is acting up in a public place you feel like everyone is looking at you with their cold, steely eyes and whispering their disapproval of your mothering skills behind your back. You shake it off, knowing that you are overreacting and they probably don’t even notice....more
A FIFO Wife - I'm sure most of us had our opinions before kids. I know I did. Funny how quickly ...more

Teaching Moment: Being Bullied (just a little bit)

Having an only child has its drawbacks. One example is, your child has no experience in handling a bully that’s older and bigger than he is. Those with older siblings definitely have the advantage of experience in this situation. Today I let my four year old son handle a problem on his own and then taught him later. A bully came up and forced him off of what he was playing on. We were at a playground and he was on a particular piece of playground equipment that only seats one at a time....more

Looking at Life Like a Child Does

Isn't is fun to watch a young child try and explain something they are so excited about? They can hardly get the words out. Their voices go up another octave, their eyes are wide with excitement and they can't be still. You can't help but get a little excited, too as you enjoy watching them....more

Just When Your Faith In People Is Fading

Just when your faith in people is fading, something extraordinary happens to renew it. My husband and I stopped on the way home to get a few grocery items. We had been gone all day and we were all tired and our 4 year old was acting cranky. My husband gave me the keys and I proceeded to take our four year old to the car while my husband waited in the long checkout lane. ...more