Know the Story Before You Judge

An incident I experienced on Facebook about judging parents without knowing their situation got me to thinking of all the ways we tend to judge other people without even knowing them.And for the record, I am also guilty of judging people, so I’m not saying I haven’t done it myself. I am ashamed though of the times I did.Here are some examples:...more

Listen Up Folks

Do not, I repeat do not put off taking care of your health and learn the warning signs of serious health issues such heart attacks and strokes today.We lost a friend and fellow racer yesterday who was only 39 from a massive heart attack. He left behind a wife and two young sons. He died one day after his wedding anniversary. His last Facebook post read, “Today fourteen years ago I married my sweetheart..........Love Ya Honey...........”...more
 @JennaHatfield Thank you. I admit, we do too. It's too bad it takes a reminder like this to get ...more

The Ring in the Tub

There is something really great about having a ring in the bathtub. Knowing that I’m going to be on my hands and knees scrubbing isn’t what I’m talking about. It’s what left the ring there that makes me smile.The dirt and grime comes from a little boy playing with dump trucks in the sandbox, making mud pies and traveling a hundred miles racing toy cars on knees that stick out through holes in his jeans.My son, like all boys, attracts dirt like a magnet and his day is filled with new and exciting ways to add a pound or more of dirt to every square inch of his body....more

Why Do Moms Take Care of Everyone Else ... but Ourselves?

Today I sprained my ankle really bad. I actually rolled it on a rock left in the driveway from my young son. The lecture of leaving things in the driveway will come later. I was walking around the car and stepped on it wrong. Down I went and I’m sure the fall was not as graceful as I would have liked it to be. As I laid there in the driveway writhing in pain a million thoughts went through my mind. First, “How am I going to get my son out who is still strapped in his car seat?”...more
I will never forgot 3 weeks after having my first, I ended up in the hospital for a few hours ...more

One Mother’s Tragedy Is Another Mother’s Lesson

The other day I was complaining about always having to clean up after my young son and all the messes a young child makes.I have been over stressed lately and loaded down with extra work and I was feeling the strain. I was just plain worn out.I complained to God about it all and asked for His help in dealing with it all. God has a unique way of putting things back into perspective....more

Things We Say To Our Kids That Makes No Sense To Them

When we are right in the thick of the parenting trenches we often say things out of desperation that makes absolutely no sense to our kids. The confused look on their faces says it all, but we all do it. Do any of these sound familiar? Said to a baby or young child who won’t go to sleep: “Do you have any idea how tired I am?!”...more
Oh man, the things I've said to my four year old, and the looks I've gotten from him! Of course ...more

I Want to Lose Weight………Now!!

When it comes to weight loss how fast is fast enough for you?In the beginning we are all “Gung Ho” aren’t we?We make good choices about what we eat, we are exercising and we are hopeful every time we step on the scale.But for some, like me, that number we see staring back up at us may not be going down as fast as we think it should.For others, that number may have started out dropping fast, but has now stopped.For some others, maybe that number hasn’t even dropped at all....more

Let's All "Lose" Together!

Happy New Year Everybody! I'm a bit belated in my wishes, but it's because I have been working on some new ideas. Yes, it's that time of year again when many of us "Try Again" to get fit. I, too have fallen off the wagon when it comes to losing weight and getting fit....more

Quote: “Grace is not a prayer, but a way to live.”

Grace is such a sweet word. I picture a woman with grace as being beautiful in everything she does. My mother was a woman with grace. She was very polished and seemed to handle every situation with such a level of grace that it earned her a great number of admirers. Though my mother was like this, I am not. This leads me to wonder if grace is a God given talent or is it a trait that can be learned? I think just like those with a talent for music, you are born with a certain amount of grace instilled in you....more

Are You Going to Over-Commit Yourself Again This Holiday?

I’m re-running this article since I think the info is relevant and I need to hear it again myself! I’ve added some more tidbits to help out. "Over-commitment kills relationships and steals joy." ~Susie Larson Are you starting to over-commit yourself already this holiday season? Are you secretly dreading the holidays and can’t wait till they’re over because of all the work that’s in store for you? Then maybe you are over-committing yourself. When you promise too much to too many people you aren’t helping any. You are actually causing harm....more