New Year's Eve with a vacuum, laundry and Brooke Shields!

Happy New Year!  Anyone recovering from too much happy? My {first} husband and I found ourselves flying solo new year's eve when we our kids were going to be at sleepovers. So at 11:40pm, after a quiet dinner out with friends,  I vacuumed the stairs, washed a load of Christmas towels (yes, I am that mom) and ran the dishwasher.  Oh, and I finished Brooke Shields auto biography, There Was a Little Girl....more

My Mammogram was Stolen- Are you Kidding Me?

My week started with a letter from the radiology group that manages  mammogram records.   My name, date of birth, address and insurance carrier may have been compromised.  And, if that's not enough the thief may be running around with my mammogram images?  Seriously?  That thief is going to be disappointed over those images!...more

Why am I running my first 1/2 marathon.., because I CAN!

Hi there- If you are reading this before noon MST hopefully I finished  my first 1/2 marathon!  I decided 5 months ago at a dinner party with friends (the couple hosting are avid runners) to run a 1/2 marathon.   Our friends  encouraged me to pick a race and commit to it (register and pay)!   And so I did because I can....more

Saying goodbye to our beloved Bernese Mountain dog rescue

Hello friends and family~ ...more

My Bernese Mountain Dog is on the Wonder Bra diet!

This photo may be a little too much {too much sharing, not cup size}.  But, this is what I recently found on my closet floor.  Apparently, my Bernese Mountain dog, Owen,  loves a good 32A under wire bra from Victoria Secret as a mid-day snack....more
lol I caught my three dogs playing tug of war with the youngest child's VS bra. Bras are great ...more

D-Day Anniversary


I am not ready

My daughter drove to school this morning, taking her last final for the semester. She is a junior in high school. She is a great girl who happens to have  what I would have envied when I was in high school (brains, beauty, an athlete and a strong inner confidence).  She is also in the downward slide to leaving for college.  Sniff. Sniff....more
Beautiful post!  I'm experiencing this as well.  It's so bittersweet.  Your daughter sounds ...more

Hashtag... you know you are the youngest child when...

One of my to-do list items this spring was to sort through the 99 mini  VHS cassettes ** of home videos BEFORE sending them to Costco to convert to DVD!   I don't want to pay for a DVD with 70 minutes of our {first} child sleeping!  So, a few weekends ago we hauled out the VHS machine***, gathered the boys and sat down for a preview!  And, in the first random tape I pulled from the box this is what was on the tape:...more

Dyslexia: Think Dyfferent.

Here is the public service announcement that runs in my head: My child does not write his letters backwards. My child excels in math. My child is the best speller out of my three children. My child is funny. My child works hard for his grades. My child can read. My child is kind. My child is a nationally ranked tennis player. My child is dyslexic. And, I love him. Dyslexia I love the apple slogan ( I wish I had thought of it): Think Different...more
While my son has ADHD, not dyslexia, this post is so timely! We just had a conversation today ...more

Coming out of the {Blog} Closet

This is my Coming out of the Blog Closet Post... a very rough draft describing my career path over the past eight years.  I started this summary for my LinkedIn profile.  In our house, we call this type of  draft a "sloppy copy" :...more