Wonder Day

May I share something with you? Because this is a safe place and I can put something out there without judging, right?! Don't answer that....more


I’ve lived in Minnesota for nearly three years now, and to this day I still maintain that I was duped. Sure, I’d visited the state in winter, specifically over two separate Christmas holidays. But no one told me that the 50 degree weather we were enjoying during each of those visits WAS NOT NORMAL.If you didn’t know, during the winter there are known to be days in Minnesota where the high is a negative number....more

They remind me of home. We're planning to plant a lilac bush in the back yard of the house we ...more

In The Mornings

In the mornings. This is the time of day that I feel so refreshed, so rejuvenated. I am quite certain that I can accomplish anything.In the calm of my car, during my 45 minute commute to work, this is the time that I contemplate the future. It must be the sweet morning air, or the privilege of watching the sun rise over a land so beautiful that it takes my breath away (yes, Minnesota is good for some things)....more

In the morning anything is possible. I love that feeling.

Contributing Editor ...more

Family of Fairies

The other day, while I was flipping through my Parents magazine, my eye caught the first paragraph of one of the articles because it started something like, "my son, Liam, was 3-1/2 when I figured out how to get him to pick up his toys." Given that I also have a 3-year-old named Liam, my interest was obviously piqued. ...more

I love that all the fairies live in Wigiland. And being in something for the cookies really ...more

Mommy War with Myself

There is this girl. I met her on craigstlist, after hastily deciding not to send my first born to the daycare I'd been planning on for months. She and I had many similarities. We lived in the same town, we got married and had kids at close to the same age, we both had one son. But that's exactly where the similarities ended, because everything else amplified my personal, daily conflict. The one where I chose to work. ...more

Late Night Shenanigans

Ever wonder how many times someone can repeat the same sentence, over and over, until you're broken? I don't. Not anymore. Because last night, for an agonizing three hours (according to my husband, I lost all track of space and time) I heard the phrase "I wanna go down-tares." Over, and over, and over again. ...more


Recently, Liam, my two-year-old, and I had an exchange that went something like this. Me: Liam, let's sing Christmas songs! Liam: No! Me: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle... Liam: I don't want to! Me: ...all the way. Oh what fun... Liam: STOP! I don't wanna sing songs. Me: ...it is to ride... Liam: NO! STOP! I don't wanna hear it! Me: ...in a one horse open... Liam: Goggies. ...more

An Open Letter to My Neighbor

Since we moved into our home last December, the neighboring home has been mostly empty. Mostly because there was one creepy guy--and sometimes a woman and child--living there for about three months last winter. Our suspicions that the home was a foreclosure were confirmed in June when it hit the market at about $60,000 less than it is likely worth. But, still it sat. I guess banks don't put much effort into marketing and selling their homes. ...more

When we moved in to our house in July, we quickly learned to hate the neighbors. The other side ...more