Homemade Naan with Malai Kofta

Another year is gone and we are all set with a new beginning, new dreams and new resolutions! Although the party is over it should not be boring at all and to keep the spirits high food is something that never fails to help. So here's a recipe of a very basic Indian flatbread which is also one of the most popular Indian breads called NAAN and along with it is the recipe for Malai Kofta. If you know Indian food then you know what Naan is. So I don't even want to try and tell you how incredibly delicious, light and easy to make this Indian bread is!...more

Palak Paneer - A must try Indian recipe!

Palak Paneer is one of my all time favorite Indian foods, not only because it tastes out of the world but also because its one of those dishes which is rich but you still don't feel guilty eating it. Palak which is a hindi name for spinach doesn't need any introduction and Paneer is fresh Indian cheese which rich in protein. If you don't find paneer due to any reason Queso blanco or Queso fresco is the closest thing you can find although unlike Paneer they are lightly salted....more