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Number 575 Making a Baby, Infertile Style

Step 1: Get your husband/partner in the mood (60 seconds). Step 2: Get yourself in the mood (15-20 minutes or do you really need to be the mood anyways?). Step 3: Do it with purpose! Step 4: Kiss. He leaves bed. Step 5: You remain in bed. Put pillows underneath your behind. Elevate legs for thirty minutes. Meditate [...] ...more

Number 576 You Bought the Small Box of Tampons

Of course, you got your period and you didn’t have a single tampon or pad in your house. Cue, another pair of ruined underpants. You were sure you would never need another box of tampons again because you would be pregnant this month. Well, that didn’t happen and now you’re forced to run to the drugstore. [...] ...more

Number 577 Things NOT to do on Mother’s Day

If you are struggling with infertility, Mother’s Day can be difficult. Here are some things that you shouldn’t do on Mother’ Day:  -Check Facebook. Your newsfeed will be filled with Mother’s Day brunch photos and status updates about being a mom. Check Facebook if you want to torture yourself but otherwise, stay off the internet. - Go [...] ...more

Number 578 Fertility Tips

Don’t forget to check out my 999 Fertility Tips for more “useful” tips on how to conceive. ...more

Number 579 Your Friend Labored on Facebook…

…Literally. You innocently logged onto Facebook to check out who looks pregnant in their photos your friends newsfeed. You discover that your pregnant friend from high school is now in labor. Status Update: OMG. My water just broke. Going to hospital!!!!!! You feel tortured slightly annoyed by her update but find yourself obsessively checking her Facebook wall all [...] ...more

Number 580 You know you’re infertile when…

You know you’re infertile when…  you checked out a library book called “My Uterus is Twisted, my Husband has no Sperm. Now What?” The librarian’s face was just priceless! Sigh. ...more

Number 581 The April Fools Pregnancy Joke

You woke up to this Facebook message from your friend, Barbara-Sue:  “I have super exciting news! Billy and I are expecting a baby!!!” This was followed by a bunch of comments like “OMG! Great news!” and  “That was quick! Congratulations!” Great. Barbara-Sue has been married for like a month and she is already expecting. You leave [...] ...more

#582 If Plan A Doesn’t Work…

“If plan A doesn’t work, remember that the alphabet has 25 more letters…” (that includes f.u.c.k and of course, h.o.p.e). ...more

8 Notes for the Fertility Clinic Suggestion Box

Editor's note: Women struggling with infertility can often be emotionally raw—and infertility clinics can inadvertently make matters worse by, say, sounding too perky when delivering bad news, or giving patients misguided advice. If you've ever sat in that waiting room, Naomi's list of 8 recommendations for her fertility clinic suggestion box may help you laugh and realize you're not alone. Here are a few of her top suggestions to clinics: – Judy ...more
Makes me want to start an international campaign to ban the phrase "Just relax and it will happen."more