Perspective and the cat

So I decided to join NaBloPoMo for the month of February. A crazy word, I'm sure I cannot pronounce properly. It stands for National Blog Post Month - which is a complete lie, I think anyway as NaBloPoMo has happens every month.   ...more
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Menu Planning and menus

Let’s talk about meal planning for a bit. Planning is essential. I spend time each and every week planning our dinners. I’ve found that the time spent planning and prepping each week is more than worth the extra time and effort it takes. When I spend a bit of time planning we eat much better. Healthier and with far more variety.  More veggies. Less processed products. My grocery bill is far lower and we are tempted less often to eat out or grab take-out....more


Hockey season is over. Can I get a ‘Yay!’?Honestly I didn’t have it all that bad, we could have been much busier with hockey than we were. Still I’m happy to have my weekends back … at least, until Soccer starts on April 20th I have a few precious Saturdays....more

Halfway to 16: thoughts of motherhood and birthdays

As a mom there are points in your kids life that remind you of your motherhood. Yes, sometimes you will forget. I don’t mean that I forget that I am a mom. I live and breathe momminess. Day-to-day, minute-to-minute, I’m always thinking about my kids, what I need to do for them, where they are going, wondering what they are up to. But occasionally, when I am not ready or expecting it, I feel motherhood in full force. I feel what it means to be a mom. To realize I had a part in this life. That time has passed....more

Breakfast Food: Vegan Raspberry Pecan Muffins

A few words about these muffins before I begin. 1) My daughter requested raspberries, which were only available frozen this time of year, meh results – while the flavour was good, they bled purple juice throughout the muffins. I don’t like the purple streaks. 2) Both kids are annoyed with me for using pecans in the muffins....more

Veggie Appreciation: Getting Your Kids to Eat their Vegetables

Since we follow a mostly vegetarian diet in our house, you might think I have an advantag...more

Hockey Night

Just to prove to you what an awesome job I’m doing teaching my kids about healthy eating, check out what my darling 5 year-old did the other night…. ha!...more
I have two boys and there is no escape from hockey talk. But I definitely think that is a great ...more

Blog Stalking: Food, School Food and Today's Random Thoughts

  I come across stuff all the time I want to share with you…. then I forget all about it… only to later sit in front of my computer wondering what to post about. Go figure!...more

Blog Stalking: Food, School Food and Today's Random Thoughts

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