There is No Magic in Money (Pt. 1)

There is no magic in money. Regardless of whether you hold to the Secret, and the myriad ways of manifesting it, money intrinsically does not have magical capabilities. It can’t of itself cheat death, make the IRS disappear, or arouse love in others. It cannot even solve poverty, although intuitively, that seems to be what money should be able to do....more

No Magic in Money (Part 2): Using "The Ladder" to Get What You Need

What has this to do with you and your bank account? Plenty. Remember that exercise I had you do a couple of blogs ago? The one where you sat with actual currency, and noticed what thoughts and feelings came up. One of those beliefs may have been, if only I had more of this I could….take a vacation, eat out more, get some new clothes, go to that training. While some things DO require money, I’m amazed when I look at my clients’ spending habits, including those who experience themselves as being underfunded, and what they blow their money on in an unquenchable desire to feel better....more

Money: A Good Idea Gone Bad

Where did it all go so wrong?Money was supposed to keep the peace, not ruin it. When caveperson #1 wanted something from caveperson #2, s/he would look to trade. If #2 also wanted something from #1, all good! But what would happen if there weren’t a mutual wanting? Someone would get hurt, even killed; and given our dependency on our tribe, if the failed trade was between clans, a major wipe-out could occur....more

Is the Prosperity Movement a crock???

Am I alone in rolling my eyes, every time a new "prosperity" model shows up?  One more motivational speaker, car-selling you on being gung-ho in life, one more beautiful soul encouraging you to manifest your will, one more program having you list your top seven things-you-like-to-do-that-might-also-make-you-money....more