Mini Detox

My sister, Devin is going to Vegas and then camping soon. She asked me to come up with a plan for in between her two "EPIC" trips (that's her language, not mine)....more

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Okay I'm talking to myself here. I try to be positive but I woke up in shock that the weekend was already over! I'm trying to shake of the Monday blues.     Yesterday was super hot in Boston but a perfect pool day!...more

Friday's Tip

I have been slacking on Friday's Tip but I am starting it back up again! Friday's Tip is usually something I have experienced during the week or I'm in need of for the weekend. Friday's Tip: Connect with someone new. What is there to lose?When I first meet someone I have usually been pretty shy. I think it sometimes comes off as snobby. Lately, this has not been the case....more

Last Run Before The 5k...

Last Run Before The 5k    I knew this needed to be a good run after Tuesday's or I'd be even more nervous for Saturday. Thank goodness it was!I ran 2.1 miles then took a walking break then another .55 miles for a total of 2.65 miles....more