Hold The Mayo Please

     I recently read a post on Thoughts From Paris called Six Weeks Of No Shampoo written by D.J. Paris (Follow Him on Twitter). He chronicles his attempt to use natural methods of “shampooing” versus the use of a commercial product for six weeks....more

Bad Gifts From Your In-laws

   "I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury." Groucho Marx nailed this one. This is what crossed my mind, along with plenty of expletives, when I saw my husband standing in front of me holding the latest gift from my in-laws....more

The Many Seasons Of My Marriage

     I find myself ruled not by a calendar – at least not the Gregorian, Solar or Lunar.  Instead my life revolves around seasons: Big Game, Small Game, Dove, Woodcock, Snipe, Rail, September Goose & September Teal, Waterfowl, Furbearers.  Shotgun, .22 Rifle, Blackpowder, Muzzleloading. Fishing, Bowfish and Bowhunt....more

Let My Husband Go

You went out to dinner for the first time leaving him with the sitter – you let him go.He went “all by myself” while you were in the kitchen – you let him go.He went to daycare, you went to work – you let him go.He went to summer camp, you went home – you let him go.He went on his first date, you stayed home – you let him go.He drove for the first time, you watched from the driveway – you let him go.He went to college, hours away – you let him go.He got his first apartment, moved out – you let him go.You helped him grow into a man....more

The Hunt For Romance

     The female arranges the meal on the dining table with care. Having made all of her males favorite finger foods she is extremely pleased with herself.  She stands by the door awaiting her male dressed in sexy, black lingerie.  Watch as the male arrives, entering the home oblivious to his females attempt at romance and flips on the lights....more
Lmfao! This was hiliarious! I think I would've taken the food and dumped it lmao!more

The Male Switch

     Let me introduce you to a much experienced yet  unspoken of phenomenon I personally refer to as “the male switch”.  It affects the male species by rendering them useless for hours in a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. ...more

The Bitter Limits

There is something with the world around you.Feel free to adjust to madness around you.They are controlling your life.If they wish to make it louder,they'll give your kids candy or money behind your back.  If they wish it softer, they'll give you the silent treatment.They will control your husband.  They will control your wife.  ...more

Lessons Learned - Growing With My In-laws

     Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in my marriage.  In the military it’s referred to as Lessons Learned.  Oddly enough I’ve come to realize that these lessons are not much different from the lessons you learn as a child.  ...more

My Life As The Other Woman a.k.a The Daughter-In-Law

     In this electronic age the introduction to my husband’s parents happened was via e-mail.  He informed his parents that he invited me to share the Christmas holiday with them....more