How to Work Amongst Difficult People

Wouldn’t it be nice, when beginning a new job, for there to be fine print about the type of atmosphere you just got yourself into?  How were you supposed to know that in this shiny new office with freshly sharpened pencils that Miss Thing to the right likes to let the team take the work…all the time.  Or that Miss Thing to your left gossips for breakfast, lunch, and all the snack times in between? ...more

What Keeps YOU Young | I'm Giving Away A New Bike for An Answer to This Question :)

Over at I'm giving away a new bike.  The question is What Keeps YOU Young? To enter, all you have to do is comment with YOUR answer to this question :)  Thats it!  Will you ladies come on over? JEMi ...more

25 Terrific Tips to Help You Conquer Your Money Struggles

When you take a look at how much NOT knowing certain things can cost you, it can really make your skin crawl.  If you’re one of many people struggling with your finances or would like to shave off unnecessary expenses, this post has some tips that you may not have heard of (I hadn’t until I did some research and boy did that initiate a couple of phone calls!)  Take a look for tips on personal financial management, debt and credit cards, savings, relationships and money, as well as coping with the emotional effects that being in debt leave your with. ...more

Stripped: Vulnerability In Love ...more

When Your Husband Dies

A year ago today, my husband passed away. I remember the pitch black horror that crushed me at the deep voice of the medical examiner on the other end of the line. I remember interrupting him with a shrill voice, asking him “Is what you’re going to tell me irreversible?” “Yes” he replied quietly. “Then don’t tell me.” ...more

Standing On Your Own Two Feet

You Can CHOOSE What You Want or You Can Let Life Happen to You ...more

I am at a point right now, where this IS my life. That point where you step back and analyze ...more

Bite the Bullet: Pushing Through Fear to Get Your Perfect Shot

Fear has this (not so) funny way of undermining us and our abilities. You can secretly marvel the self-employed success story, knowing full and well that you have the skills to become one too– then slink back to your desk job. As you read the rest of this post, I want you to put your mind at ease for a moment and just entertain the thoughts of limitless possibilities that would flourish if you ever dared to step in that direction. It all starts with a thought and the mind frame that thought is encased within.... Read the rest of this post at ...more

When Gossip Attacks: You

Have you ever found yourself at the very center of unwanted attention? You know - the very center as in a perfect bull’s eye with everyone’s hurtful words as darts using you as target practice? Whether they have great aim and are spot on or they are just letting ‘em fly, the wounds hurt all around. ...more

Stress Management for the Woman Who Wants It All

I am writing this to the woman who wants it all. I am all about wanting it all. I dream big, I aim (really) high, I think whoever thinks I have delusions of grandeur apparently doesn’t know me well enough, and I sip from a glass that’s half-full. It’s wonderful, really. ...more

Life. What's In It For You?

I’m almost giddy because I feel like I’m about to tell you a secret. Well, secret may not be the word because you may Google the topic of self improvement to your heart’s content but hear me out for a moment. The notion isn’t a new one but just maybe - even if you’ve heard “there’s only ONE LIFE TO LIVE” a million and three times - you haven’t really considered how to get the best bang for your buck. ...more