Crafting With Kids For Earth Day

I was trying to come up with Earth centered ideas to keep my 3 kids (7,3 and 1) entertained and educated on Earth Day. Among other things, I decided to have a morning of crafts.  The catch is that I want to make crafts that only use things I have or recycled materials....more

Give It Up For Earth Day And Why I Am So Scared!

In honor of Earth Day I have decided not to buy anything new for the month of May. deep breath ...more

Why I Pass on Proctor & Gamble

There has been a lot of buzz recently regarding Herbal Essences animal testing. This is unacceptable, yet comes at no surprise.  Herbal Essences is a brand that is marketed as being ‘natural’. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list? The following are the...more

Castile Creations

I just received a fresh bottle of Dr.Bronners Castile soap and am now armed to start making personal care and cleaning products!...more

Worth it? Organic Potatoes

 Living in rural PEI, with 3 kids, this subject is something that is often on my mind. With the price of organic potatoes being almost double that of conventional is it really worth it? For me the answer is simple: Yes!...more

Yes, I am agree with your content. Your choosing reason also right for organic potatoes. And I ...more

Why I Love My DIY Handsoap

After reading Julie Gabriel’s book Green Beauty recipes I felt empowered to take control of my personal care products! Although  there are a few pump hand soaps on the market that are pretty eco friendly, I decided to skip the hassle and just make my own....more

Give this one a try, but the self foaming bottle is crucial!more

Toothpaste Taste

My husband finally finished up the last of his Colgate and Crest supply and skeptically asked if this “Green Beaver” stuff is what he’ll have to use from now on....more

Organic Baby Food Review

A few weeks ago I received a package  of a new product, Baby Gourmet. Generally I like to make my own baby food, so I went into the review intending to be pretty hard on this product....more

Spring 2011 Eco Fashion-Vancouver Style-

Although you would never know it from the butt kicking of a winter that mother nature is handing to us right now, spring is right around the corner. That means… Spring Fashions!! Yay! Just looking at the pastel colors makes me feel like there is a light at the end of this frosty, frosty tunnel. With  Eco Fashion week Vancouver just 6 sleeps away, now is a great time to start planning for spring....more

Bye Bye Kit Kat

I will pretty much take chocolate in any form, hot, dark, milk, I have even been known to eat a bag of chocolate chips, straight from the bag....more