October in a Nutshell

I enjoy doing these monthly recap posts. However, they make me realize how quickly time passes. It feels as if I just did the one for September ....more

Making Progress. Kind of.

My house has been driving me crazy lately. Like “wanna pull my hair out” crazy. Like, literally “staring at the same area for hours” crazy ....more

Color Hunting in the Caribbean

The Caribbean (or some other warm, tropical place) just might be where I’m destined to be. As I mentioned here on IBC, last week my mom and I set sail on a Carnival cruise. Not only was it super special because I got to spend tons of time with Mom, but I was able to warm my toes and my soul in crystal clear waters, warm sand, and brilliant sunshine ....more

Obsessed with Emily Henderson

Hey there, friends! It’s Tuesday...more

For the Love of Brandi Carlile

Recently my BFF and I traveled to Pittsburgh for a concert. It had been years since I’d gone to a concert, and this experience made me wonder why I don’t go more often. Life certainly has a way of getting busy, and when you’re in the thick of things and working hard, it’s often a challenge to give yourself a break ....more

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Friends, I’m starting to get worried. We are already halfway through October, and my pumpkin-flavored intake is unusually low. I have only had two pumpkin spice lattes all season ....more

Ghost Cupcakes

With All Hallows’ Eve just a week away, I wanted to pop in with one final Halloween-inspired treat. As I’ve mentioned, I try not to get too involved with a lot of Halloween-related things, however, I do have moments when I get sucked right in. Sometimes so much so that I feel like I have this hidden love for the spooky holiday ....more

My Decision About that Dresser

Today, we are continuing with another update on my bedroom makeover. Recently, I showed you my new ottoman. I also wanted to let you know my decision about that dresser ....more

Something More Saturday / 04

Hey, everyone! Hope you are having a fun weekend! I’m back today with another Something More Saturday ....more

Hustlin’ / 10.17

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post that lists random things that I’ve found or that fascinate me, so I figured today was the day for one. Honestly, this past week has been and the next several weeks will be bananas. And by bananas, I mean crazy in a really good way ....more