My Decision About that Dresser

Today, we are continuing with another update on my bedroom makeover. Recently, I showed you my new ottoman. I also wanted to let you know my decision about that dresser ....more

Something More Saturday / 04

Hey, everyone! Hope you are having a fun weekend! I’m back today with another Something More Saturday ....more

Hustlin’ / 10.17

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post that lists random things that I’ve found or that fascinate me, so I figured today was the day for one. Honestly, this past week has been and the next several weeks will be bananas. And by bananas, I mean crazy in a really good way ....more

Inspired by Homepolish + Dwell Studio Giveaway

As I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog (and as I’m sure you’ve probably noticed), my style has evolved since I began IBC more than five years ago. Like many of you, I’m constantly on the hunt for new design ideas. Lately, one of my go-to sources for inspiration is Homepolish ....more

An Ottoman for the Closet

After finally hanging my bedroom light fixture last week, I am determined to make some progress in my bedroom. Instead of just doing one big reveal (because that has never been practical for me), I’m going to be sharing little pieces of my makeover as it happens. I hope you are cool with that ....more

Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Hey there, friends! I’m back today with another simple and totally delicious recipe. I’m always looking for easy yet flavorful party snacks, and these mini grilled cheese sandwiches are a winner ....more

Stylish Halloween Mantel

Another week has passed and Friday is back to greet us with a big hug. I couldn’t be happier since I’m headed to a concert this evening with my BFF. I managed to score front row seats so I’m crazy excited ....more

DIY Copper and Wood Candlesticks

You know that I love me a good DIY candlestick. In the past, I’ve made colorblock wood candlesticks, multiple taper holder candlesticks, and paint-dipped brass candlesticks. Well, I’m back with another do-it-yourself candlestick! ...more

Jonathan Adler in my Bedroom

Well, I had Nate Berkus in my dining room. I might as well have Jonathan Adler in my bedroom. It’s driving me bananas that my bedroom redecorating is not yet complete ....more

Finishing Touches for the Basement Stairwell

I finally managed to get together the finishing touches for the...more