Merry Christmas

I’m excited for this week. I’m looking forward to taking...more

Procrastinator’s Gift Guide that Gives Back (no gift-wrapping required)

Oh hey, it’s only a few days until Christmas. Are you finished shopping yet? Or are you a procrastinator like me? ...more

The Best Ever Sugar Cookies

This, my friends, is the recipe for the best sugar cookies ever. Ever. It’s...more

Advent Coffee Stand Now Open!

Joe and Leila set up their third annual...more

5 Mom Posture Tips (for your tummy and pelvic floor)

I used to have horrible mom posture. My head entered the room before my body did. My butt was tucked under, and I was almost bent in half most of the time ....more

Brown Rice Cereal with Raisins and Pecans

I worked together with the California Raisin Marketing Board to create this recipe and was compensated for my time. The opinions below are mine and mine alone and do not represent those of the California Raisin Marketing Board. ***** A couple years ago, I teamed up with the California Raisins to create some killer recipes and share with you the goodness of raisins ....more

2014 Friendly Gift Guide

Lately I’ve been blown away by the creativity and talent of some of my friends. ...more

DIY Hot Chocolate Stirs with Van’s Snack Bars

I’m over at Van’s Foods today teaching you how to whip up these fun Hot Chocolate Stirs. They are so easy and make a perfect treat or handmade gift for the holidays. Click here or on the photos below to learn how to make your own! ...more

Pregnancy Announcement Photo (not ours!)

Nope, we’re not pregnant. But our friends are, and they wanted to share the news in a fun way. They asked me to come take a photo to use for the big announcement, so...more

3 ways to add quiet to your day

Quiet. It’s my word of the year. I chose quiet because I am so horribly awful at it ....more