Searching For Sunday

I’m trying to find words other than GO BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW to tell you about Rachel Held Evan’s new book Searching for Sunday. So let me start with these words from the back cover. Like millions of her millenial peers, Rachel Held Evans didn’t want to go to church anymore ....more

The Balance Project

Last year, Susie Schnall, author of The Balance Project and On Grace interviewed me about that mythical unicorn of “doing it all” that we seem to be obsessed with. The interview is finally up, and I would love to have you go check it out here. Because really, I don’t do it all ....more

Updated Gluten-Free in Phoenix (and why you always need to take responsibility for your own food safety)

Two years ago I posted a list of my favorite gluten-free restaurants in Phoenix. I wanted to share the places where I feel safe with anyone who is in the area and needs a good gluten-free meal. I had been meaning to update the list for a few months now because I have expanded my own personal favorite list, and of course restaurants open and close every day ....more

Nobody’s Cuter Than You

Sometimes in this, the social media age, it’s hard to know exactly what the word “friend” means. I’ve been called “friend” by people I’ve never met on Twitter. I have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, I wave at “friends” across the room at church ....more

The day we thought we lost you

I pulled into the garage and felt a gush of water. It felt like my water had broken, but it wasn’t your birthday. In fact, I was only 9 weeks pregnant with you ....more

What I’m Reading – March

To keep on track with my...more

Thoughts on being enough

Lately there seems to be...more

How to find your style and create a capsule wardrobe (without spending a ton of money)

One of my goals for 2015 was to simplify my closet. I wasn’t sure if this would mean getting rid of more stuff or putting together an actual capsule wardrobe. I took it one step at a time, and a few months into 2015, I now have a clutter-free closet and a spring capsule filled with clothes that I love and will actually enjoy wearing ....more

Thankful for this mess

I walked into the kids’ bathroom today and as the light streamed in, the mirror looked like this. I saw...more

Not an endorsement?

Last week, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics announced a partnership between Kraft and Kids Eat Right. Specifically that the Kids Eat Right logo will now appear on packages of Kraft American...more