Daily Planning List System

Here is a daily planning system that I started using about a month ago. This template doesn’t work as well as a printout due to the fact that you have day and week lists in one place. I still have it available as a print out to help you organize your own.I use a version of this on my desktop with a simple sticky note application. I also use a ‘real’ version. I set up my bulletin board as below and I find it works fantastically to keep me organized!...more

Quick Daily To Do List Template {Free Printables}

I make so many lists!! It is crazy. Today I decided to share my ‘quick’ daily list template. This is the one I will put together to get a quick understanding of what my day ahead holds and keep it with me throughout the day for notes.  I have included free printables to download below. May your day be productive and organized!Here are a few points about my ‘quick’ list system:...more

Twitter Productivity {With Infographic!}

Without proper planning Twitter for business can be a complicated and time consuming activity.  In this post I break down how you can become more productive with Twitter on a daily and weekly basis and some tips on how to make the process a little less time consuming....more