Preschool at Home

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comOne of reasons we ended up homeschooling was the process of looking at preschools. It wasn't that they weren't good. They were fine. I saw everything from Montssesori to highly academic, highly recommended programs. I saw the free programs offered by my district, and expensive programs and several in the middle. I had lots of experience from choosing schools for Ethan. ...more

Frog Dissection

Janet**Please don't proceed if you prefer not to see the innards of amphibians**...more

Reading Brian Selznick - Author of Hugo

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comI think we were the last people to see Hugo in the theater and we were really glad we did. It is was fantastic story with even better animation. It also set off an interest in automata and Brian Selznick, the author of the story....more
I love big ole stacks of library books. :) more

Oppositional Ethan

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comI love him. You know I do! But one of things that Ethan does that drives me out of my mind is say "No." He says it often, fevervently, persistently in a way that is truly epic. He makes a typical two year old look postively positive. The other half of the problem, is that he even does it for things that he wants. Yes, you heard me right. ...more

50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do - Walk Home From School

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.com50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do ...more
I love that book. We checked it out from the library last fall and I promptly ordered a copy for ...more

Wah! Wah!

Wah! Wah! Agh! I've hit a wall. It doesn't happen often. I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for lack of sleep and the physical demands of running this household. But right now, I'd like to run up the white flag. The baby is throwing up, has been for days. He was already treated once in the ER for dehydration, and from what I can tell, might be headed there again. The hot water heater has been acting up and "the dishwasher of my dreams" has turned into the 'dishwasher of my nightmares' which necessitates *LOTS* of washing dishes....more

Why We Homeschool

When Ethan was born and then diagnosed with Down syndrome, I knew that I would never take him to a therapist, a school or a doctor that I didn't think "got him". Of all the emotions I felt when he was born, the one most fierce was of protection. Although I needed the opinions and expertise of many medical and developmental professionals, I ultimately felt a sense of great responsibility for the decisions that would be made for him. He needed me to advocate the best I could for him and I believe that Ethan made me radical....more
@oceank Hi - never saw your question?! We are in NJ.more

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Resort - Review

My husband and I took the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge Resort in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania the first week of December. We have been there severl times. The first thing you want to consider when planning your trip is timing. We try to go when capacity will be lower than average....more

Go bubble wrap your kids and leave me alone!!

I have a reccuring issue that really aggravates me. There are mothers that come up to me, unsolicited, and give me advice. I kid you not, when I say it is a weekly event for me. You are probably wondering what I could possibly be doing to garner this much attention.Exhibit 1 I am walking in some outdoor venue (beach, amusement park, park) with my boys. Ethan is totally bald and has been for many years....more
I wonder how those mothers will react when their overly protected and coddled children ...more

My son has a sister.

It's complicated. Mikey and his sister were split up while in foster care, and that's a story for another day. As it stands, my goal is to have The Girlie at our house at least once a month. We have gone long stretches without seeing her and it feels better for everyone when the relationship is more consistent. She refers to me as Auntie or Auntie Janet (and Uncle Dennis). She calls the woman who she has lived with since she was 4, Nana, which fits her perfectly....more