Feminism and gender

      Happy New year to All !                  I have a sincere question about gender equality that hopefully ladies of all ages will answer .  First of all , I would like to state that I believe men and women are completely equal yet utterly different . To me equalty does not mean sameness  . Everything about us is different however we are completely equal . ...more

My definition of Beauty

     As a mature , self aware man a woman is truly beautiful when she has a depth of life experience which has allowed her to become self aware rather than self-conscious and to embody her inner femininity , grace , magnetic and alluring sensuality naturally . She is warm , generous , kind ,  compassionate , and thoroughly at ease in her own skin . Her weight, height , figure , and age are unimportant . Her depth of heart and soul are very important   ...more

You may be interested in my blog

      Hi Ladies,                  I just want to let you know about my blog " The Adventure of a Lifetime "  For those interested in sacred sexuality and sacred relationship , spiritual growth and development and sharing quick and easy recipes on a budget , please drop by and say hello . I welcome you all !                                                                               Intrepid Voyager ...more