Starting a New Business? Take a Vacation.

Today I wrote a blog post about why I'm forcing myself to slow down and actually take a vacation right after starting my new consulting business. Working women: What do you think about this? Is it hard for you to take a break?...more

"Hi, Nathaniel's Mom!" Day Care Drama

Originally posted on Inward Facing Girl. So, yesterday afternoon when I picked Nathaniel up from day care, I had a meltdown. ...more
Our boy was in daycare this last year and it was HARD to speak up. My guy went through a period ...more

How Do You Create Enough Hours in the Day?

People say that the more technologically savvy we've become, the less time we have for ourselves. I won't be giving up my iPhone or deleting my Facebook account, but I've definitely experienced how this type of advancement can be a huge time suck. ...more
I am a super dork and am testing my sig line by posting a comment to my own really old post.more