I Am One of Those Uninsured Americans Everyone Is Talking About

It might make you grit your teeth and make smoke pour from your ears, but I am thrilled that health care reform passed. Let me tell you why. I’m one of those uninsured Americans everyone’s always talking about. ...more
I'm really glad for this reform. I'm 20 but I have pre-existing conditions so previously, I ...more

Teaching My Daughter What It Means to Be Korean

I grew up in a pretty white-bread neighborhood. You're practically handed a loaf of Wonder Bread when you enter the city. OK, so maybe I exaggerate, but until I was in junior high, I thought my brother and I were the only Asian kids in town, and we were certainly the only ones in our school. ...more

It's never too late to embrace a tradition, even if that tradition is a combination of ...more

Lost Career: Reward If Found

Somewhere along the way, I lost my career. ...more

Life is what happens when you're making other plans.


That doesn't mean ...more

Dear Crunchy Daycare Guy: No Pesticides Were Used in the Writing of This Post

So I dropped Sophie off at daycare today. I am wondering how long it will be before I get my first lecture from Crunchy Daycare Guy. Anyone want to take a guess? ...more

Yes, we found un-petroleum jelly, too!

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On Loving Adopted and Biological Children: Turns Out Mom Was Telling the Truth

I am the eldest of four children; my brother and I are adopted from Korea. (My mother gave birth to my two sisters later.) She always told us that she "loved all of us the same," regardless of whether we were her adopted or biological children. I mostly believed her. I didn't think about the difference too much when I was young. It was when I got older that I began thinking about my mysterious blood relatives. I also wondered if parents could truly love their adopted children as much as their biological children. Was there a real difference? ...more

Thank you, everyone, for your great comments. They really made my day today.

I had what ...more

Babies: The Things They Don't Tell You

When I was pregnant with Sophie, I devoured every piece of literature on pregnancy I could find. I was all about the What to Expect book. I read all of the stuff that the hospital birthing class gave us. I spent more time on baby Web sites than should be humanly allowed. ...more

Too bad I didn't know you when you were pregnant. I would have given you all the gory details ...more

Parenting Complaints: The Big Picture

I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned that it appeared things were going really well with my new baby. Being long-distance Internet friends, we see each other very rarely. And with all of the craziness that has happened in the past six months after the birth of my daughter, we haven't chatted much either. So all of the news about my life? He gets from the Internet, mainly my blog. ...more